About Us

The Springing Of The Home Bakers

We people here at bakers brisk work to provide a equitable and prominent platform to all the energetic and enthusiastic bakers out there and also, make the cakes available smoothly to our bake lovers.

Bakers brisk is a Home to the best Bakers who are restricted to baking only for their family and relatives till now but if you want to spread the flavors of your passion out in every street then it’s high time for you to step forward and join our team. We are here to furnish healthy bakes in India.

About The BAKERS BRISK? How were we born?

You read a book from beginning to end. You run a business the opposite way. You start with the end, and then you do everything you must to reach it.

The Same is with us we started with a scratch, with a very small idea. We Introduced our idea through the Instagram page where we used to put pictures of the beautiful cakes and also we contracted a home Baker who used to bake for us. Customers used to give us the orders and we gave those orders to our Baker. We worked as a bridge between the customers and the Baker and get those orders delivered to our customers.

We introduced ourselves in the year 2018 and ran this business successfully for two years and now amid the Lockdown, we saw many new home bakers coming forward but not getting an appropriate platform to their creativity and baking skills.

So we came up with an idea for them to spring and blossom, to rise and shine and we thought to build a niche for our home bakers who are only bounded to bake cakes for their family and relatives but if you want everyone to taste the flavor of your creativity then this is the right platform and opportunity for all the home bakers out there.


Here at the niche of Bakers Brisk all of us work to serve as a bridge between the consumers and the home bakers to get the best custom-built, moreish, flavorsome cakes, keeping a close watch on purity and hygiene. customers can list their demands and according to the list, home bakers will fulfill the demands. Customers can easily find the best home bakers and bakeries near them. we provide the best custom-built cakes catalog and customers can find the best cake as per the occasion.


We bring this amazing platform for our customers and home bakers for what they were waiting for. Finally, the long wait has come to an end as Bakers Brisk is here. This platform is a small step taken to help the home bakers what they truly are capable of.