7 Best cake premixes in india

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May 30, 2021

7 Best cake premixes in india

If you are asked about what a premix really is – Your most prominent answer would be a blend of particular ingredients, which is absolutely ready to use for the final creation.

Just as the name itself suggests, it is a pre-prepared mixture. These premixes are also utilized for bakery purposes. These bakery premixes are basically a mixture of exotic ingredients to facilitate baking. They are generally produced both commercially as well as at home.

Today, we will be focusing a bit more on the commercially produced bakery premixes that are available in the Indian market.

Where there is cake, there is hope. And there is always cake.

                                                                                   - Dean Koontz

A ‘cake premix’ or a ‘bakery premix’ are the same things. The bakery premixes are primarily used for the graceful preparation of your magnificent baking creations like cakes, cookies, pancakes, desserts, and many more. For every new product, you can dip your hands in the premix and accomplish your baking delicacies.

The premixes are nothing but just a simple baking shortcut that has made everyone’s life a little bit more flexible. This life-saver box of happiness still tastes delicious at birthday parties, weddings, and other celebrations.

Want me to help save your time choosing the proper cake premix for you? Well, here are the top-listed cake mixes for a yummy and quick dessert.

1. BakersVeggie Eggless

(Chocolate Cake Premix Prime)

  • The premixes launched by Bakersville are the perfect ingredient for people who prefer eggless cakes.
  • The premixes are available in all types of varieties.
  • Maintaining the theme of purity in all of its elements, Bakersville aims to spread this segment in the home baking segment too.”
  • This egg-free cake premix is dedicatedly prepared from amalgam milk, proteins, and other ingredients.
  • The careful selection of these high-quality ingredients and their blending in proper proportions make these premixes ideal for bringing out delicious desserts.

They turn any occasion into an unforgettable treat, making them our hot favourite for all the upcoming celebrations. This eggless chocolate cake is easy to bake and uses ingredients readily. These are the perfect premixes for blending and delicious cake ratios. For making this cake, all you need is water and oil. This product is a 100% vegetarian mix.

2. PIK Eggless Cake Mix (Vanilla Velvet)

If you are looking for a budget cake premix, you can opt for this one by Pik that will let you bake an eggless vanilla cake. As the name suggests, this vanilla cake has a smooth, silky, and velvety texture to give you a satisfying dessert experience.

  • The cake is facilitating to make and will let you cook a delicious dessert for your entire family.
  • Once you prepare the base for this cake, you can use cream cheese frosting, fresh fruits, or even flavoured syrups to decorate your cake as per your choice.


3. La Casa Belgian Chocolate Mix

If you want to bake a delicious chocolate cake while not using an egg, here is an excellent premix that will help in saving your time. The mix will allow you to prepare a soft and moist cake at home.

  • Since this mix is prepared by a professional chef who is trained from Italy, you can also have international flavors right at your home.
  • You need to add some oil and water to this mix as directed in order to prepare the batter.
  • The brand offers cake mixes in other flavours as well. The life of this pack is seven months from the date of manufacturing.


4. Pillsbury Oven Cake Mix (Rich Choco)

When it comes to cake premix, Pillsbury is a famous brand that you can blindly trust for the quality and flavour of your homemade desserts. As the name suggests, this cocoa mix has a rich chocolaty flavour that will definitely please every chocolate lover when the cake is ready.

  • The premix contains refined wheat flour, sugar, cocoa powder, and other vital ingredients needed to implement the perfect flavour to your cake.
  • Just make sure that you prepare a batter without any lumps by mixing the ingredients well.
  • Since this is an oven cake, avoid preparing it in a pressure cooker.

5. Joseph Marc Classic Red Velvet Cake Premix

This eggless cake mix by Josef Marc can be another good choice that you can buy online.

  • This non-GMO and preservative-free cake is free from artificial preservatives to ensure that the cake does not pose any threat to your health.
  • The cake is formulated in Switzerland, letting you easily have world-class flavours in your kitchen.
  • The mix is primarily made of wheat flour, and the baking time is around 25 to 30 minutes.


6. Betty Crocker (Chocolate Fudge) Cake Mix

Betty Crocker is a dependable brand that offers various instant cake mixes to help you save your time and not compromise with the taste.

  • This cake mix will let you prepare a dark chocolate fudge cake with a moist and fluffy texture to guarantee a quality-rich flavor.
  • Add eggs, some water, and a bit of oil to the given ratio and whisk the batter well to make a delicious cake in 30 minutes.
  • The storage life of this pack is nine months.


7. Creamix Cake Premix(Red Velvet)

This red velvet mix is another affordable choice that you can buy online to bake delicious red velvet cakes at home.

  • Add water and oil to the mix as mentioned on the packaging, and prepare the batter by whisking it well.
  • Once the cake batter is ready, let it rest for 5-10 minutes before pouring it into the baking tray for cakes or cupcakes.
  • The shelf life of the pack is six months if you store the package properly in a cool and dry place.


However, it has not been of the same quality as when it was first created in the 1930s. The premixes then included vital ingredients such as flour, molasses, sugar, powdered eggs, and many more. But the premixes available today at the grocery stores contain preservatives such as propylene glycol, which is also used in the production of e-cigarettes and antifreeze!!

But not all premixes are bad. There are just simple things you need to check on the packets before buying them. Check out the tips discussed below and make sure your cake is going to be a healthy one.

1. Avoid Hydrogenated Oils

These oils are generally found in non-perishable foods to keep them last longer and taste better. But these oils are not crucial in improving the flavor and instead might leave your premix containing harmful trans fats. Do look at the ingredient label of the premix you’re thinking of buying: If you see hydrogenated oils listed, put down the pack.

2. Stay Away from Artificial Colours!

The different coloured cakes that we find, red velvet or yellow cake, get their dominant colours from food dyes. But these artificial colours are not at all healthy for you. Make sure you are not buying premixes that have artificial colours or flavours. Instead, you can’t opt for natural flavours like cocoa powder.

3. Look for Gluten-Free Labels


Gluten-free and organic cake premixes are often the healthiest to buy as they are cleared out of preservatives. So, if you plan for a healthy and delicious cake, stop by the gluten-free section at the store.



Apart from these commercial premixes, we can show off our cooking skills and prepare these cake premixes ourselves!

   The bakery premixes help you modify your product range and provide you with a unique opportunity to expand your repertoire. For instance, you can buy a gluten-free brownie mix if you want to create delightful brownies for your guests. Just pick up a suitable bakery premix, add eggs, oil, and water, and your baking delight will be ready soon


The cake premixes have proved to be nothing less than a blessing to the bakers in India. The perfect cake always asks for the ideal ratio of the raw ingredients. These premixes have lifted this stress for the baking delight. All you got to do is pick up the cake mix, open it, add oil, water and done! Your delicacy is ready within a few minutes!


Not only this but these cake mixes also deserve our ‘Thank You’ because of the advantages they give out. Some of the notable points are listed below. Take a look.


  • You get a spotless and quality end product baked with perfection.
  • Eliminates the time required to measure the individual ingredients.
  • Easy to store and stock.
  • Simplifies the process of scaling and descaling the recipe
  • The consistency is well maintained.
  • Helps in the quality control process of the final product.



The Bakery premixes are also budget-friendly and can save your wallet in many ways.


  • As we know, a cake requires a lot of raw ingredients. Generally, while buying them separately, we need to put in a lot more money as their cost is higher. But with the premixes, the freight cost of these particular raw materials is reduced to a great extent.
  • As all the raw materials require space, people usually faced stocking problems. But the cake mix has solved this problem in a very efficient way. Now, you can store all your raw materials even inside a small container and for a more extended period.
  • With the use of the cake premixes, the scaling errors are also eliminated up to a great extent.
  • The development process for a cake and its frosting is a long and complex process. But no worries! The cake premix has come to the rescue! It simplifies the complex product development process.


So choose whatever premix you liked, put on your apron and your gloves, and start preparing some lovely delicious cake!


Stay safe, Keep Cooking.

            Happy Baking!