Top 10 Baking Books to be a Pro Player in the Baking Industry!!

Mansi Thumar

Oct. 20, 2021

Top 10 Baking Books to be a Pro Player in the Baking Industry!!


We all understand the importance of baking at home as well as baking like a professional like the photographs that excite us in these baking books. Whatever it is, we all are here because we understand the importance of learning and living through that. 


As we are talking about learning, if you are not having an academic background in baking and cooking, you can still be a master in this field with the help of books in the world of baking. 


We all know that books are our good friends. Reading baking books will help you to dive in with many recipes and step-by-step procedures will make you from a Baker to a pro-level baker. It will add a level up to your baking skills. Many people while reading baking books feel like they are reading short storybooks where the theme remains the same and the stories are different from each other. 


Baking may be a different experience for different people. For some, it may be a stress buster while for some it would be enjoyable. So it's all up to their interest and involvement in it which will reflect their love towards baking… 


These baking books are going to help you to go the right way and will protect you from not taking a turn, whether you are baking a cake or a muffin, a pastry or a bread, or else a cookie too. 


So here are baking books for people who are passionate and eager to learn and want to be master the journey of baking. 

Here we go… 




One of the latest and comprehensive baking books from the best seller around and 'dive of desserts' - ROSE LEVY BERANBAUM, the winner of the 2015 IACP cookbook award for baking. 


One of the legendary Baker Rose Levy Beranbaum is back with her most expensive and exclusive  'Bible', with all new recipes of cakes, pies, tarts, cookies, candies, bread, and pastries. She has the experience and a passion for baking. As it is expected from her that she would be the most meticulous cook who has most ever lived coming with exotic recipes, which would be detail-oriented and fully instructed where the guesswork would be eliminated, the tips and tricks would be included, highlights of the success, the glimpse of the people would be there. From the very simple recipe of the coffee-making crumb cake muffins to the delicious show-stopping stunners like chocolate hazelnut mousse tart and the white Christmas peppermint cake to the bakery-style pastries for the home kitchen, every recipe is a delicious one and with great perfection in it which will reach to all the Bakers. 



Amazon - 4.7/5

Goodreads - 4.3 / 5




The original edition of the book 'tartine'  cookbook was published in 2006 and became an instant classic among all the pastry chefs, home bakers, and fans of all over the world. From the award-winning 2019 edition, Pruett and Robertson doubled the number of the recipes and with all the new photography, made this the must-have for all the bakers who are looking for such things. 


The author is the winner of the 2020 IACP Award for the best cookbook, food photography, and styling of the New York Times, also been awarded Best Cookbooks of Fall 2019, amazing new Cookbooks that also look Delicious on your shelf. 


Tartine offers more than 50 new recipes that capture the new inventions in it and as tartine is the most requested recipe book, a favorite in today's market for its recipes and to include all the minute ingredients and the global techniques. 


Here more than 150 drop-dead amazing photographs from the acclaimed team of Gentl and Hyers make this baking and pastry book go to the next level and a true collectible effort and must-have for the bakers of all skill levels. 



Amazon - 4.5 /5

Goodreads - 4. 2 / 5


3. THE BREAD - A Baker's Book of Techniques and Recipes


For all the home bakers and the professionals over here, the resources from where you can get the updated new edition of the book, written by Jeffrey Hamelman, where he says about the bread as a legendary resource which has been praised by baking luminaries from all around the world. He is explaining the complex techniques with the simple and helpful form and illustrations, and the book has included the recipes for the bread, sourdough, brioche, flatbreads, branch bread, and many more things. 


The countdown recipes with the easy form have been explained and nearly 150 detailed along with the vivid drawings and photo gallery showing tools and techniques with their finished product which help readers to get the proper understanding. 


One of the authors who is certified as a master of Bakers in the United States and a recipient of the golden baguette award (2005), Jeffrey Hamelman has been bestowed by the bread bakers guild of America fully updated, which has the tricks and techniques, their methods and modes with the trends ongoing and varieties. 


As bread has been served as an ultimate resource for almost any variety of bread we can see over, whether you are a professional Baker or you are aspiring to it. 



Barnes and nobles: 5/5

Goodreads: 4.4 /5




The book called 'professional baking' is a 7th edition which is the latest release of the market-leading title for the baking and related course. The book focuses on both the understanding and performing of the bakery items and their skills, as well as its goal is to provide students and working chefs with a solid and great theoretical and practical foundation in the baking fields and with that the selection of the proper ingredients, well mixing and techniques, careful makeup and decorations, skilled and imaginative cake decorations and its equipment used, how to Preston in a straight-forward way, to learn in a friendly manner style and many more. 

Hence the book is all about the baking items and the things involved in it which will help the chefs to get well aware of the minute and core-oriented details of all the bakery products. 


Amazon 4.1 / 5

Goodreads - 4.4 / 5


Maida Heatter - "If you ever bake a cake, this book will become your partner in the kitchen."

This book is one of the classic cookbooks that enables everyone to make delicious, exquisite cakes. Rose Levy Berenbaum's trademark is the easy-to-flow recipes and its style to reduce the most complex techniques and other tools are mentioned which are also seen in food magazines, women magazines, newspapers, including the new york times. Rose enjoyed baking and for her, it's a joyful moment. This is the kind of work in the bakery, she prefers and hence is the country's top cake Baker around. 


The book of cake bible shows us how to deal with the minute things and to implement them accordingly. To mix a buttery, tender layer cake in under a few minutes with the perfect result every time. Most of the cakes are made with three ingredients and it tastes fabulous with the chocolate cake which we have never imagined. 


You can find every major cake recipe from pancakes to the wedding four-tier cakes, it will be very easily written down. To get the maximum flavor and texture, make cakes with the least sugar in them. Al, the low cholesterol and low saturated fat recipes have been shared which will help bakers to serve every kind of person. 



Amazon. : 4.7/5

Goodreads - 4.2 /5 


6.CHOCOLATE -  Recipes and Techniques from the Ferrandi School of Culinary Arts"

So here is a complete course in the art of baking with chocolate from a major field or university called the 'Harvard of gastronomy'. The world-renowned and recognized cooking school which is famous for its bakery things like Tempering and coating, puff pastry and cakes, candy and chocolate, and other decorative flourishes - which are the essential references which reveal the techniques fundamentally to the master cooking with the chocolate. Step by step and through the text and more than 250 photographs it has Been clearly explained the procedure of the recipes. 


Starting from the classics and the chocolate mousse, to the celebration cakes, sophisticated plated desserts, these have become the recipes for all occasions and the quick dessert and the specialist items for the home chef and the experienced professional alike. 


This cooking book is a complete guide for the chocolate course and for decorating  the cakes of chocolate for all the home chefs from the world-renowned professional in Culinary school Ferrandi Paris presents comprehensive techniques and the working of chocolate and how to indulge with it and its recipes have been seen. 



Goodreads - 4. 5 /5



The best-selling author of CookWise and Kitchenwise delivers a lively and fascinating guide for better baking through food science and has received the James Beard award. 


Shirley Corriher solves everything about why the cookie crumbles and with her experience from a big pot cooking at a boarding school, she has been a master for problem-solving as the baking is concerned. She looks at all the aspects of baking in a very unique way and makes it creative and exciting. She describes the techniques of baking such as brushing your puff pastry with the ice water, how to deal with the ingredients, and all. She can also help you to make moist cakes, big and crisp cream puffs, and many other dishes. 


Bakes is the book which helps busy and on-work people to get the Information for the quick problem solving of baking. Bakes does not have just a single course of knowledge and inspiration but the book works on the tips and tricks to be used while you get stuck with the baking. 


Bookwise will help the beginners majorly to cook and to learn exactly what they are doing and why. While the experienced bakers would find the techniques to use at work and also uncover some amazing pastries from the past. As some would just want it for the simple recipe while some gain it to profoundly improve their skills. 


Barnes and noble - 3.7/5 

Google play - 4.9 /5




Stella Parks, the winner of the 3018 James Beard Foundation book award (baking and desserts), has been a renowned and well-known author for the baking and the tart desserts 


The brave tart is the celebration of the classic American desserts, wherefrom. The one box food layer came to the flawless cherry pie on the very bottom. 


These meticulous recipes tests bring the award-winning pastry chef expertise in their kite hand along with that the advice on how to mix up with all over 200 custom variations helped the author to grow at a very large platform. 


Stella parks deliver surprising stories and how our favorite desserts came to be the most favorite one with the chocolate chips in it and also the ice cream soda and floats, brave tarts is not just a book but more than that. It is sure to become an American classic. 







The book on Pie is a best new york times seller and one of the renowned books which are contributing to Baker extraordinaire. Erin Jeanne McDowell is one of the top food stylists, who wrote the book on pie, a very comprehensive handbook that distills all you need that will take to make a pie. It starts with the basics of pies and all  that includes ways of mixing pie dough for the extra crust, storage, the recipe conversations. The different kinds of pies such as fruit, custard, cream, chiffon, cold set, and many more flavor pies make you go. 


The author also suggested trying the recommended pie doughs and toppings with each recipe you try to make and especially for the customized one. With the photographs and the tips included it will help you to clear out more, plus the Inspiration of pie, its ideas, and that all will make you feel that you are baking with Erin itself. 


Hence, it involves all kinds of making the pies that will master you in doing so. 



Amazon 4.8/5

Goodreads 4.6/5



This cake book is the first-ever book that has been gathering years of baking knowledge for a long time. America's test kitchen offers a comprehensive collection of recipes for all your occasions whether it is a party or an elegant holiday function. 


This book is the first cake book that has recipes from all classic pound cakes to all the exotic and elegant blueberry jam cakes. Maybe a single or a double-layered or a 24 layer high cake,  or else a coffee cake or any flavored cake it has been indulged in and operated with all the things related to baking in the book. 


Goodreads: 4.5 /5



Whether you are a pro-level player or a beginner, whether you are a baking lover or afraid of the same, these are the books that will help you out with the baking of your cakes. Learning is an ongoing process and these books will help to explore your knowledge and expose you to all new branded recipes that you would have never thought of. Go ahead and pick by yourself and improve your baking skills.