Top Customised Sash manufacturer in India 2022

Bakers Brisk

May 6, 2022

Top Customised Sash manufacturer in India 2022


In this article you are going to know about the top sash manufacturer in India, who manufactures best in quality sashes and also there’s a list of top 10 demanded sashes in the Indian market.

Bakersbrisk is one of the top sash manufacturers in India which provides the best quality customised sashes at the best wholesale price in India. 

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1. Birthday Girl/Boy Sash 

Birthday Girl Sash ImageBirthday Boy Sash Image

        Boys and girls wear Birthday Boy or Birthday Girl sashes at their birthday parties to grab the attention of the party guests and make their day more special and joyful.

2. Happy Birthday Sash 

Happy Birthday Sash image

       Happy Birthday, Sash is a unisex sash which can be worn by anyone.

3. Mr/Miss Farewell Sash

Mr Farewell Sash ImageMiss Farewell Sash Image

       Mr Farwell and Miss Farewell Sashes are worn by the winners of the farewell party of the schools and colleges.

4. King/Queen Sash 

King Sash ImageQueen Sash Image

       King Sash and Queen Sash are worn by winners in Ramp walk or fashion show competitions.

5. Princess Sash

Princess Sash Image 

       Princess Sashes are worn by females on their special occasions to be different and more glamorous than the rest of the crowd.

6. Super Mom/Dad Sash

Super Mom Sash Image

       Super Mom Sash are gifted by children to their Mom to respect their hard work, dedication and love for their children. 

7. Congratulations Sash

Congratulations Sash Image

       Congratulations Sash is a unisex sash and can be gifted to someone to celebrate their accomplishment and make their winning more special.

8. 18 & Legal Sash

18 & Legal Sash Image

        18 & Legal is a unisex sash worn by teenagers who just turned adults to celebrate their legal rights and freedom.

9. Mr/Miss Fresher Sash 

Mr FresherMiss Fresher Sash Image

       Mr Fresher and Miss Fresher Sash are worn by the winners in the fresher party of colleges. 

10. Mom/Dad to be Sash

Mom to be Sash Image

        Mom-to-be & Dad-to-be sash is a very special sash worn by husband and wife who are going to become parents. The moment a normal married couple turns into parents everything becomes so special for them, so celebrate that feeling couples wear these sashes.


Apart from the above 10, We are sure that there are many types of sashes for different occasions that are liked by you and friends,

So comment your favourite one in the box given below.


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