Bake With Heart At Truffle Nation

Ananya Srivastava

Sept. 21, 2021

Bake With Heart At Truffle Nation


Every new startup takes time to flourish and once it’s done gaining a reputation and a name in the market, the business blooms. Similar is with the bakery industry. It is one of the fastest-growing industries in today’s culinary world. At the initial stage of the bakery world, they were limited to several food items like, cakes and pastries but gradually they have expanded their business with the introduction of cookies, bread cakes, muffins, buns, cupcakes and it’s not the end here, the list continues to sandwiches, patties, biscuits which is the must keep in a café.

Bakery as it is known, that it also includes cafes and confectionaries which serve coffees and shakes along with the bakery goods.

After the pandemic, this particular field has shown tremendous growth and a lot of indulgence of the crowd either in the form of bakers or as a foodie.

There can be two different sets of bakers: -

  1. The ones who turned their passion into their profession.
  2. The ones who worked hard since forever and chose baking as a career, long back.

We, The Truffle Nation, welcome every home baker to explore the world of flavours and baking. We provide you with the environment you will be facing ahead in your career. Our team of mentors helps in training your minds to work in every challenging situation and guides you well enough to deal with all the struggles coming your way.

  • Courses that we offer 

  We have designed courses in a very simple manner that serves the needs of the bakers.


1. Baking Mastery Course

This is an expert level course for about 6 months’ longs. The timing will be from 6 PM to 8 PM for 5 days a week.
This will be an ideal course if you are lacking self-confidence towards what you have baked and also if you are lacking pure and precise knowledge about how to begin your start-up and how to deal with the bulk orders along with customer feedback and crowd. Then, this is the course you should go for to work on your weak areas and come back stronger with more knowledge and a straight mindset.
The core modules that will be taught in this course include:-

A. Baking with chocolate.
B. Gaining expertise in baking cakes of all types.
C. Preparing yeast dough and Cookie dough. 
D. Learning to make French pastries.


2. Baker's Diploma Course

Are you feeling to expand your knowledge circle and want to become a certified baker as well?
So, dear people, this is the perfect course you should go for, here, you will get an opportunity to expand your knowledge about baking, you will be introduced to some recipes and techniques and also you will get an awesome chance to polish your knowledge that you already have.
It is an intermediate-level learning program that runs for 6 months and the training timing is from 5 PM to 6 PM.
The core modules in this particular course are:-

A. Cookie baking
B. Tart baking
C. Learning to bake muffins and cupcakes
D. Learning to work on customized orders
E. Baking for cafe owners


3. Baker's Certification Course

This course helps you in polishing your knowledge and gaining some confidence to work ahead independently. Here, you will be provided with a certificate and knowledge that can be implemented in future real-life situations.
You will secure a chance to meet and work with well-known bakers that will help you gain expertise and confidence to face challenges in your career.
The core modules are more or less similar to Baker's Diploma Course which are:-

A. Cookie baking and Tart baking
B. Learning to bake muffins and cupcakes
C. Learning to work on customized orders
D. Baking for cafe owners


Along with this modulus, you will be given and provided with such an environment that will fill your experience bag up to the brim which prepares you well for the future tasks and challenges coming your way. Not only this, everything has its pros and cons, similar can be experienced in this field as well, so nothing to worry, our team will also guide you the perfect way to deal with criticism and also appreciation.

  • Fees Structure

 The fee structure has been made very simple keeping in mind every individual.  One can enrol by paying an amount of 2,000 and then can pay the remaining fees during the course time.

 The fee for Baker's Diploma Course is ₹ 274999 which can be paid in easy instalments.
 The fee for Baker's Certification Course is ₹ 185000. This can also be paid in easy instalments within the course duration.


  • About us: The Truffle Nation

  • Truffle nation is a school of bakers and learners. Here, every baker stretches their arms to help a beginner learn and understand the baking techniques and methodology from the basic to the advanced versions to improve their knowledge of taste and baking. We strive to help bakers to fulfill their dreams of becoming renowned well-known kitchen experts who serve the best possible taste to every plate in the coming years.

We not only work for the beginners to learn and establish their bakeries, but we also provide a platform for other bakers to impart their learnings and experience with the newbies and be a part of their success stories.

How to reach us?

Visit the baking school on the First floor, 133 A, Lane Number 1, near Saket, Saidulajab, Saiyad Ul Ajaib Village, Sainik Farm, New Delhi, Delhi 110030.
Aspiring bakers and learners can contact us through a phone call on 099711 27210.
As the world is opting it be more techno-friendly so, the world can toggle and visit us virtually as well through our Instagram page @thetrufflenationschool


What do we AIM at?

We started up this small school of bakers to push forward new emerging talent in the baking industry and so we started up this school with the following aims and objectives: -


1. Help in establishing your bakeries

Everyone needs some guidance and a supporting hand before they decide to start something new, and here we simply try to be that supporting hand for the beginners to gain confidence to work and manage the bakery independently. It is not strictly about the bakery, the one who wants to run a cake needs to follow the same procedure.

     Here, we help the bakers to understand the basic ideas to run a bakery. We guide them through the route to collect the funds needed to establish the bakery.


2. Provide you with a certificate

People stand at zero without skills and a degree and it is very important to polish your knowledge and gain a degree that speaks about your learnings and your zone of interest and by shaking hands with Truffle Nation, you will be known as a certified baker in the baking industry that will help not only help you gain customers but also gain experience of working and baking along with experimenting with the recipes.


3. Help and guidance of the Chefs/Bakers

 After enrolling you will become an integral part of our journey and we will too become a pillar of constant support and guidance in your life and career. Here, you will get to work in the kitchen under the guidance of the best possible mentors, who will not always be sugar-coated but will always be holding your hands for the correction and lessons which will help you stand tall in the baking industry in the coming years.


4. Every day new and interesting learning sessions

As it is said, practise makes the man perfect and we, believe in this completely, without working in the kitchen and experiencing the pressure and discomfort at times one cannot be a perfect baker. In these sessions, we make the beginners learn, that mistakes are common and usual but we have to be so quick that we take hardly a minute to search and advise an alternative or correction for the mistake. Here, the mentors make every student go through all the basic hurdles that one baker goes through while baking.
Trust me, baking is not an easy task to perform, it is a very tedious and skill full task, and while working under our expert mentors, you will come out with flying colours when you'll face those challenges and hurdles in your real life, why? Because you have already been gone through it via a task and you know exactly how to make your decisions within a finger snap. Our mentors train the best individual future bakers.


5. Special classes for business strategy

This is the art that many of the home bakers lack in them and without waving your hands with the motion of this ocean, you can never be able to establish a successful business and so, keeping in mind all the needs of our beginner bakers we have come up with the idea of teaching and imparting this art of strategizing the business according to the flow of the world. We help every baker learn the need to strategize how to strategize.

Needs to Strategize: -

Simply because you want your bakery to flourish and feed the maximum number of crowds.

How to Strategize?

We are not in the mood to give spoilers, so won’t be sharing the whole module but to brief it for the interested people, our team makes you understand the needs of the crowd watching you and also the basic trends they are digging into. We will help you to manage and engage the audience through the website and different social media platforms and make you walk straight on the road of your dream and success.


6. Exposure to some big names

Of course, this is a bonus to the package. When you get to meet some renowned bakers, you will get to know their struggles and challenges and through their stories, you will be able to pick out some major lessons and learnings that will help you progress in your career and make you shine soon like the glitters on the cake.


How to Get Enrolled?

We provide courses as per your needs and from more than 200 applications we select the best bakers.

Following are steps through which one can enroll:-
1. Choose a course according to your interest from the courses that we offer.
2. Fill the application form carefully with all the required information and do attach the required documents.
3. Hurrah! Welcome to Truffle Nation, you have been selected by our experts to learn and polish your skills from this institute.

See you on campus with your chef coats. 

We the team of Truffle Nation calls all the home bakers loudly to join hands with us and walk a step in the direction of your dreams and passion. There is no harm to convert your passion or hobby into your career and a source of earning.
Everything in life takes time to happen and flourish but to get successful one to have to face challenges to respect a small positive step and to walk that very first step we are happily lending our hands of support.
The cake is kept for baking and it will be set soon now, you have to decide that you want to top it with icing and fruits and nuts or you want it to be served as a plate of plain rough incomplete cake.

Giving up is an easy option but remember, working hard and achieving what you wanted from life is a sense of peace and glee that nothing in this world can match.

Hurry up. The world of flavours and nuts is waiting for you to plate them.