Best 10 Fondant Brand in India Which you can use to Decorate your Cake

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June 1, 2021

Best 10 Fondant Brand in India Which you can use to Decorate your Cake

When it comes to cakes our mind always gets filled with deliciousness, smoothness, and sweetness of the mouth-watering cakes because of the beautiful and creative decorations done on the cake. The main ingredient of a beautifully decorated cake is fondant. Fondant is made of various items like sugar et cetera in a thin fine paste. It can be of various colors and flavors which compliments the cake according to its occasion, taste, and coloring. You can create beautiful decorations for a cake using fondant.

Using fondant is not very easy but is very necessary for being a master in cake decorations. If you are a beginner this blog is going to help you to know everything about fondant, the tools used for making creative structures with fondant, and how to be precise with them. So let’s get started and learn everything about how you can have fun with fondant! 

“Fondant on the cake is like makeup on the face!”

True that. The decoration on the cake just brings so much more life, creativity, and imagination. It makes the cake eye-catching and attractive. So let’s see what all the fun is about!


1. What is fondant?

Fondant or fondant icing is a modification of icing specifically used to decorate or sculpt cakes and pastries. It is made from sugar, water, gelatin, vegetable fat or shortening, and glycerol. Technically, the substance is rolled into thin sheets and then draped over the surface of the cake to create a smooth presentation. It has a shelf life of 6 months to 2 years if you plan to buy it from the shops.

Fondants can be flavoured, rolled, imprinted in different shapes depending on your preference. The main ingredient for fondant is gelatin, which is a translucent, colourless, and flavourless food ingredient. It helps the fondant much more manageable to use while the decoration of cakes. Fondant cake should be kept in the fridge and can be used for days. They also need to be kept at room temperature right before serving and need special care.

So, the fondant is an essential component of cake decoration. 



2. Top 10 Fondant Brands in India:-

1. Saracino

    This is an Italian brand that guarantees superb and delicious results. Its durability and malleability make this brand professional baker's first and trusted choice. It is elastic in nature and so it can easily be rolled and can be given a chosen shape and structure. It contains a good quantity of cocoa butter which helps it to set properly and avoid the spread or design or any other 3D design drying out.

2. Pettinice

It is available in 130 countries across the globe and it is one of the most used and trusted products. It is brought to you by Bakels.  It is used in the icing of the cake and also to prepare 3D designs. It is can also roll out into the desired thickness and sets superfast. It gives the cake a perfect finished look and deliciously drooling taste.
All you bakers can order this fabulous fondant from:

3. Meister

It is a Turkish vegetarian icing brand. It requires some kneading before use to reach a perfect consistency.  It can be used as a spread and also to make some 3D structures and designs. It is important to note that when it comes to storing, you have to store it away from the sunlight and heat to avoid moisture formation. Its shelf life is of about 12 months.
You all can place an order from this link attached:

4. Confect

It is one of the most premium quality fondant brands available in India. It is a non-stick sugar dough that is used to sculpt and decorate a cake. They always give the fondant their signature texture and taste with the best ingredients and gums they use to make the dough with the perfect consistency. It is a healthy choice if you are looking the cakes with lesser sugar content as these fondants have less sugar and is diabetic friendly. It can be used to roll and cover the cake with a thin fondant spread and it can also be used to decorate the cake with different and interesting designs and shapes. It is available in different flavours like:
A. Confect Superman Red Sugar Paste
B. Confect White Sugar Paste
C. Confect Black Sugar Paste
D. Confect Citrus Orange Sugar Paste
E. Confect SuperHero Blue Sugar Paste
F. Confect Emerald Green Sugar Paste
  And, and many more!
You can find and order endless flavours at affordable prices from:-



5. Vizyon

    It is a multitaskers sugar paste that comes in a ready-to-use form and it contributes to icing and sculpting the cakes. It gives the cakes a beautiful finish and smooth appearance. It is the baker-friendly fondant that allows the baker to detail the cake well. It also allows decorating the cake immediately after coating, which means this fondant sets fast and well. This fondant provides smooth edges without cracks. It is best to use for 15 to 17 months after manufacturing.  It is available in 15 various colours and flavours which can be brought home from:

7. FondX

It is the favourite amongst the professionals as well as the beginners. Why? Because it is easy to handle this fondant while using it as a covering or while decorating cupcakes, cakes, pastries, and cookies as well. It is easy to knead, roll and mould. Its shelf life is of 12 to 18 months.
You can bring it to use from:

6. Satin Ice

It is one of those products which gives the cake an elegant finish. It is used in cakes which are made for the occasions like weddings, parties and more. The fondant can be used to cover the cake and also to make decorative designs, borders, and flowers. It is lovable when it comes to use as it is gluten-free, nut-free, and more.
It can be ordered from:


8. Carma Massa Ticino - TROPIC

It has a wide range of usage in the professional pastry field as it provides you with the most smooth finishings. It is primarily used to wrap cakes and pastries and it leaves a perfect texture and taste over them. It is available in different colors and flavors.
Tropic words mean that this fondant can be well without melting and drying. The chef can easily decorate and sculpt the cake with desired 3D structure. It gives the finishing that matches up to the level of the expensive fondants.
You can order it from:

9. Magiculata Sugar Paste

   This is perfect for cake crafting. It works well and easily. It does not melt and sets up quickly. It is the stability and smooth texture that makes this fondant the first choice of the users, I am the baker. It is most preferred in Indian weather. It can be used at room temperature without any mess and is best used for 24 months after manufacturing.
All you cake crafting lovers, to your ease, the link is here to order it soon:

10. CCDS Fondant

     It is a gem in the field of fondants, all because it gives off such a soft, smooth, and rich texture to the cake and when it is used to make 2D structures, it looks so smooth without any cracks. It is well suited for crafting flowers, figures, and more. It gives the cake an attractive look due to its vibrant colors and textures.
You can tap the link and buy it with great offers:

3. How to handle the fondant?

Fondant is a fun yet versatile medium for covering and decorating cakes. However, it can be quite difficult and tricky to work with fondant. Weather, temperature, and environment can affect the texture, appearance, and performance of your fondant. You can avoid these problems before they start with some care and tips.

Always dust the working platform and your clean hands with corn starch and flour before getting started. Fondants are very sticky so prevent them from dust and lint. Keep the fondant moving and add a drop of water if very hard. Add tylose powder to harden it. 

While covering the cake, make sure that the Fondant is not very thick. The thickness of the Fondant should be perfect and enough to cover the cake properly without air bubbles and cracks, yet while eating the cake the layer of Fondant should not mask the actual flavor of the cake.


4. What are the tools for fondant art?


Using fondant to decorate cakes and make different shapes, sizes, and sculptures with fondant is a regular job for any cake artist. For making these sculptures you need to invest in some very helpful and necessary fondant tools. 

Here are some necessary basic tools you will need:

* Rolling pin:

You need a rolling pin for making an even, thin or thick as a required sheet of fondant. You should keep the platform clean and dust it with flour to avoid making a mess. Most fondant rolling pins have a measurement ring that helps you to determine the proper thickness of the fondant.

* Rolling mat:

Rolling Mats are another necessary tool. Remember to take the rolling mats with measurements as they will help you to create perfect thickness with the appropriate area required to cover your cake with the fondant.

* Cake scraper:

 This instrument is very useful and important. It allows you to create a clean, fine finish while covering cakes with fondant. It scrapes out any excess fondant and helps smoothen out the cake’s surface. It also releases the air bubbles within, resulting in a smooth and settled finish.

* Fondant smoother:

As the name implicates, this tool helps you work on sharp edges and tight corners that are otherwise difficult to smoothen out.

* Dresden tool: 

It is a basic semi-circular tool. We use it to create lines, indentations, eyes, nostrils, etc. We also use it to make lines and creases on clothes and it’s very useful for face sculpting, body and cloth sculpting.

* The large ball tool.

The large ball tool is another important tool for fondant sculpting. It is used for creating cheeks, prominence, and rounded impressions.

* Shell tool:

It is used for creating line patterns, like creating uniform lines for hair patterns.

* Precision knife:

Its obvious use is to cut fondant and slates. Expect knife is more accurate and delicate and it’s used to cut delicate pieces like eyes and the mouth. Precision knife.

Its rounded knife is blunter than the earlier mentioned knife. It helps to shape upper lips, open eyelids, ears, etc. Of a sculpture. The pointy side is used to create holes in fondant and pick small pieces of fondant and put them at the right places firmly.

* Stitching tool:

It has two sides, a pointy side, and a larger side. It is used to create stitch patterns on clothes. 

* Small rounded cutter tool:

It looks like a small piece of cutter that is used to create cuts in fondant and crafts line patterns, tiny lines, you can just roll it over and create perfectly fine lines and many many more.


So these are some of the most important and helpful tools, which are going to make your baking life a lot easier and convenient. With the right tools, and ideas you can make a cake look like a marvellous piece of art. Just remember the necessary tips and tricks and keep patience, also all you lovely bakers can have a look at the above-mentioned Brands of fondants to make your cakes look more and more smooth in appearance, and your 2D and 3D structures look so perfect and eye appealing. Perseverance and practice can help you go a long way in your career and the passion you are in. Happy baking! And get ready to create some marvellous masterpieces of art with the best crafting brands bought to you for the superb experience of crafting.

Bake and Prosper!

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