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Bakers Story
Best Customized Cakes in Mathura and Vrindavan made by Best Home Bakers

Making someone feel special on the Special day is again a very thinking and tiring task and this feeling is completely priceless and ineffable. Now how to make it best so what to do now? One of the thing which should be in your bucket list if you…

Bakers Story
Jeneva Talwar - Actress turned Pastry Chef

What happens when a stunning actress and filmmaker falls in love with cooking? You get a hardworking and passionate pastry chef! It is the passion that keeps one going, which is true in the case of the Brand head of ‘The Artful Baker’, Jeneva Talwar.

Bakers Story

Every baker’s curiosity about learning the mixing spells of ingredients and the process of baking is what drives them to become one of the finest bakers.

Bakers Story
The journey of a committed mother build into a passionate baker

Keshavi always had an itch to start something of her own. She wanted people to recognize her because of her work. But this was not going to be easy for Keshavi as being a mother of two beautiful daughters whose husband worked offshore. .........

Bakers Story
Pooja Dhingra The Macaron Queen of India Le15 patisserie owner

Pooja Dhingra is not an unfamiliar name when it comes to renowned Indian Chefs. She is an Indian pastry chef and also  named as Miss Macaron who was born in 1986  in Mumbai and is currently living in Mumbai.