Everthing You Need to Know About Cakesicles

Advait Kulkarni

May 31, 2021

Everthing You Need to Know About Cakesicles

“No one is born a great chef; one learns by doing.”

             - Julia Child

Good day bakers! 

Growing up, we all have always loved and enjoyed eating a cake. This tradition has been carried along for years. But now, the cake you remembered is not just the cake available in the market today!

The varieties in cake have tremendously evolved along with this evolving world. The cakes are now available in different sizes, shapes and now in various forms!

We all might have heard about the term cake pops. Do you remember how amazed we were at knowing about this creation? Well, prepare yourselves to get amazed once again!

This new invention is a magical combination of popsicles and cake pops. We know the concept of cake pops; these are called as ‘cakesicles’. 

Amazing! Isn’t it?

Have you ever seen any sweet little treats like this?!

However, there is a classic charm in the cakesicles that can easily attract anyone!

This concept has been on the rage topping the list of trending cakes right now. And to our surprise, they are much easier to make than we think it is.

In today’s article, we will be opening an entire encyclopedia on Cakesicles!

So, stay connected and let’s begin!


What Exactly is A Cakesicle?

Cakesicles are just like our favourite cake pops. But they are even bigger and are shaped like popsicles. That’s how the name got born, ‘Cake-sicles’. They are a fun twist on the traditional concept of cake pops. Designed in popsicle moulds, cakesicles are an easy-to-make edition with a chocolate shell surrounded by a blend of cake and frosting.

Unlike a cake pop that is made by rolling a cake and frosting combination into a shape of a ball, then dipping it in the melted chocolate into a popsicle mould and filling the hard candy shell with the frosting mixture. 

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Many of you might be thinking about the formation of this delicious invention. So, let’s go through it.

How Is It Made?

They are made by modulating chocolate in a microwave, painting it into a silicon mould and filling it with a mixture of cake frosting. As we are using a silicon mould, there is no need to shape the fitting like the cake pops. The silicon mould and the chocolate coating will guarantee your cakesicles and have a perfect shape.

For preparing this delight perfectly, one must make use of some tools and ingredients.

Items Required

For preparing a cakesicle, we might need some key ingredients and some particular tools. Listed below are all the tools and ingredients that are required. Let us study them one by one.


1. Cakesicle moulds

This is a piece of exclusive equipment that you will need to make the cakesicles. But don’t you worry! These are very readily available on online markets like Amazon and Flipkart. The price range, however, varies from brand to brand. There are, in fact, many brands that are affordable and available. Below are some of the different types of modules that are available.


This mould is a silicon mould. Silicon moulds are very flexible and can be stored in the fridge. The cakesicle is filled with cake and covered with chocolate. The silicon mould helps with the easy demodulating of your cakesicle. It ensures that your cakesicle comes out without breaking.


2. Cakesicle sticks

These sticks generally come with the mould itself and are of the perfect size for the mould. Some brands, however, don’t sell both together, and you might have to buy them separately.

3. Dark chocolate coating (or any coating of your choice)

Now, this is very important as the cake you are going to use will be at the base and the top of your cakesicle. It will create the entire outer shell that your cakesicle is depended on. You will need to make sure that the chocolate has been coated on all the sides of the cake and no uncovered parts are left.

4. Favourite crumbled cake

Just like the name suggests, it is stuffed with an actual cake. You can use any cake of choice and crumble it and use it for your cakesicle. You can either bake a fresh cake or use the leftover cake at your convenience.

5. Buttercream

Another ingredient you need is a lovely, moist, delicious frosting. The crumbs alone won’t be able to hold the shape together once stuffed. They need something sticky to hold the shape. You can choose a buttercream frosting or a cream cheese frosting, or even a simple chocolate ganache.


6. Garnishing

Now the fun part! Once you have your cakesicle ready, you can decorate them at the top. However, you want! Sprinkles, chocolate shavings, melted chocolate drizzles, and so much more to use! 

As we are now familiar with the tools and ingredients used in making the cakesicle, let us now see the step-by-step instructions we should follow to craft the best cakesicles!


Steps For Making

  1.  Take a spoon full of the melted chocolate coating and fill it into the first mould. 
  2. Let it settle for about 15 seconds to thicken it a little. 
  3. With the backside of the spoon, spread it evenly around the cakesicle mould. Make sure the coating is thick enough. Repeat this if the coating appears thin. If the coating remains thin, it will crack when demoulding the cakesicles.
  4. Repeat the above step with the remaining moulds.
  5. Now chillax for about 2-3 minutes.
  6. Scoop in a small quantity of your cake mixture and gently press it into the prepared moulds; add or remove any extra portion if needed. The head of the cake mixture should be just below the head of the mould so that there is room for the final coating. 
  7. Repeat the above step with the remaining cakesicles. 
  8. This is the moment where you insert your cakesicle sticks! Push them through the cake filling. Press the cake filling back into place if any of it has popped up a little. When you push the filing through the sticks, you will be pushing through the coating too. So, one light, gentle push in the stick should quickly go through the cake filling. 
  9. Using a spoon, put a small amount of melted chocolate coating on top of the cake filling. You will get better at this as you keep practising. 
  10. Let it settle down completely. You can also place it in the refrigerator for about 5 minutes before removing it from the mould. 
  11. To remove the cakesicle from the mould, gently start at the top of the cakesicle and gently push the cake and pop it out of the mould. When you reach the base, gently pull out the cakesicle stick. 
  12. Remember to store it in an airtight container in a cool place or at room temperature.


I thought you might also need some help with a few other related topics.  Continue reading and get them cleared as well. 


Choosing The Right Chocolate

Since the entire outer shell of your cakesicle is chocolate, you need to make sure that the chocolate sets and holds its shape entirely. For this task, we usually need to temper the chocolate to reach a stage where it is perfect for coating and holding its shape. I know tempering the chocolate is a slow and intimidating process, but we have to control ourselves not to lick the chocolate off the pan. What you can do here is use a compound instead of actual chocolate. Here is a fun fact, the compound is made of vegetable oil and not cocoa!  


Decorating the cakesicles

There are several ways to decorate your cakesicle and giving them a fancy look. You can drizzle chocolate or candy melts over the top. You can also add sprinkles.


Stay with me throughout the article, and I will be introducing you to new and trending cakesicle designs at the end.

“Keep It, Sweet, Like a Cakesicle”

The bakers all over the web, when discussing about making the best cakesicles, have shared their precious tips that we need to follow throughout our baking journey. Let us see them in detail.



Melting the chocolate

Make sure that the chocolate is melted evenly and had a smooth texture. Remember that the white chocolate compound gets heated up quickly and might ruin it if you overheat it. So, before heating, chop it finely and then put it in the microwave for about half a minute. Whisking the chocolate continuously prevents controlling the heat to a quite extent and avoids forming lumps. 


Best Use of a Spoon

The cakesicle has curved edges, and there might be a possibility that some of the edges are left uncovered. To avoid this, make use of the back of the spoon, or you can even use an offset spatula.


Give The Chocolate Some Time to Settle

Once you are done with the coating, let the chocolate settle in the refrigerator for about 15-20 minutes. The most important thing we need to remember in this step is ‘Patience’.


Careful While Demoulding

This is a very delicate process. Be very delicate and slow while removing the cakesicle from the mould.  

While searching on the topic over the web, I came across specific questions that the viewers frequently asked. After a good research, I was ready with the FAQ and its answers below.



1. How long will the cakesicles last?

If using the cakesicles fresh, the shelf life can rise to 8-12 days starting from the day your cake was baked. The cakesicle longer than the period mentioned might develop specific fungus on the fillings, and you don’t want to consume that! 


2. Can cakesicles be frozen?

Yes. It can be frozen. However, if you have used a white compound, it will create moisture inside the fridge and become sticky. If you want to keep it in the fridge anyway, you have to provide maximum security to the cakesicle. Cover it with plastic wrap, then into a zip-top bag and finally in a cardboard shipping box. Then finally, you can ship this consignment to the refrigerator.


3. Can freezing improve the shelf life?

Yes. It does increase the shelf life of your cakesicle to a great extent. If you pack your product in the above-stated manner, the cakesicle can last up to 2 weeks in the refrigerator and for about three months in the freezer!


4. Can you simply dip your cakesicle into melted chocolate instead of coating the mould?

Yes, you can dip it directly into the melted chocolate instead of coating the moulds. However, your cakesicles might not get the shiny glossy look that the silicon mould gives. The cakesicle will get more of a smooth matte look by dipping it, which is also as appealing.


5. How do I know that my cakesicle is not good?

The cake becomes mouldy when it goes wrong. The same will happen with your cakesicle. However, as it is coated in chocolate, you will not be able to see it unless you bite it or cut it open. I prefer cutting it, though.


As I promised earlier, here are some of the best Cakesicle designs that I have found trending on the web. 


1. Christmas Eve Special

This would probably be the sweetest way to celebrate Christmas Eve with the specially crafted Santa Cakesicles! Fill in the mould with chocolate cake crust, cover it with white coating, and then wrap up the top part with red to make a Happy Santa Face and make your Christmas Ho-Ho-Happy!

2. Spongebob Sicles!

Any Spongebob Squarepants fan here? These cute little cakesicles are definitely going to make us fall in love with this Yellow Little Sponge! 


3. Marble Cakesicles

This visually appealing cake called the marble cakesicle is trending on Instagram with a rage! 

The fantastic design art on the mould of this cakesicle can attract anyone with just a glimpse. 


4. Valentine Cakesicle

Celebrate the festival of love alongside your loved one with these lovely cakesicles. These heart-shaped cakesicles are the ones that your special someone is waiting for! So, hurry! Grab a bite of this love cake and make your day even more special!

5. Avengers Themed Cakesicles

Thanos might have snapped some of the Avengers into dust, but we got you covered!

The Avengers Themed Cakesicles will let you finish each of the Avenger by yourself! Bite-by-bite!


“Cake Is for Life, Not Just for Birthdays”


Considering all the points above, I am sure you will be able to create these little cuties too.

 Alright then, I hope this article has given you a good headstart on your cakesicle journey!

 I have tried to cover most of the points for you not to go and start making the cakesicles with no ideas!

So, what are your unique ideas for the best cakesicles?! 

Start thinking now, and do let me know!

So put on your apron, pull up your gloves, and heat up the oven. It’s time to try out the ideas!


Stay Safe, Keep Baking!