The journey of a committed mother build into a passionate baker

Bakers Brisk

May 21, 2021

The journey of a committed mother build into a passionate baker

The value of an idea lies into using it”

Bakers Brisk brings to you the inspiring story of Keshavi Chahar (Bakers Brisk Advisor) the  UK-certified baker and a self-made entrepreneur. This story is about her difficult, laborious yet zealful life.


Keshavi chahar


Keshavi always had an itch to start something of her own. She wanted people to recognize her because of her work. But this was not going to be easy for Keshavi as being a mother of two beautiful daughters whose husband worked offshore. Instead of giving in to the thought of her dream, she decided to follow her instincts. Being a homemaker for years, homemaking made her fall in love with the kitchen.

Baking had always been a hobby and she started following her love for baking in the year 2017. Following one’s dream is not easy, it’s full of struggles besides having an encouraging family which turned down her difficulties.

Leaving her daughters behind in Mathura with the reliance and help of her maid to look after them. She had to travel to Delhi every day for her bakery course after completing the diploma and Later did her internship in westin Gurgaon, Keshavi used to give 11 to 12 hours to her work. Someone has well said, “when there is a will there is a way.”

But somewhere inside she wasn’t satisfied with her work. She wanted more from her life.

Keshavi always wanted to make her mark. So one day she came up with an idea to open a bakery cum coffee cafe of her, own. today Keshavi is running  BMAC by Kasey a bakery of her own and running a bakery Institute as well.

Hard work always pays off. Do you know that feeling in the pit of your stomach? Listen to it as Keshavi did and succeeded with flying colours She has been awarded by the World Association of Chef Societies. Also, Keshavi has a great interest in cars and racing and won 84 trophies in racing, says "I am a Baker who races.”

This true story of Keshavi teaches us that it’s never too late, passion has no age, no limit. Always trust and follow your instincts, it knows what your head hasn’t figured out yet.