Menu Designing create a menu that attracts your customers!!

Mansi Thumar

Oct. 11, 2021

Menu Designing create a menu that attracts your customers!!

Today we are on a different path. This is going to convey how effectively and creatively you can design your menu for your bakery and that will help you out to gain as many customers at your doors. 


Let us start with the steps of how to create a menu design or a bakery menu. 



Find a template :

The design or the template which you feel good and find attractive also needs to see that it should fit in your bakery theme and its style, so according to that see the template and get into it. 

Now the question is from where would you find the best templates, so here I am sharing some links which will give you the best templates for your bakery menu. 







Add imagery :

Here you can add some images or photos of your bakery items as well as some attractive ones which add something great and look very yummy and ignite the carving of the customers. As for the sliced spread, the dessert or a cute bento cake photo. 


Upload the logo :

Being a brand there should be a logo that conveys the message of your bakery and get the brand more rich and known but that. Likewise,e tagine is also an important part of that and needs to be added also. 


Edit text : 

Text plays an important role in how visibility it has and how properly it has been placed in its positions. So while choosing the text it should be kept in mind and the text is easily editable whenever we find any changes relating to prices or list or hours need to be done, it is easy to undertake. 


Switch colours. 

The piece of your bakery menu can be changed as per your choice of colour so just click and swap, it would be having easy access to the edit option of colours. As here also according to your bakery brand and theme the colours should be added. 


Place your order. 

Once everything seems perfect with the designing part, you now need to go ahead with the placement of orders and get the prints out. Go ahead with the paper word and its size according to our ways. 


Update at your time. 

After everything is done, the changes and updates can be done and have to be done as and when the changes are found in any of the items or timings in the menu. 

This was all about how we can create a menu and design it which helps you to increase your reach and attracts more customers. 


Points to ponder while designing a Bakery Menu. 


When you are in a restaurant industry or the bakery industry, having a well structured and designed menu which is carefully underseen and planned is a must. Your menu will act as the main tool which will drive your sales and boost your profits too. Studies have shown that a well-designed menu can give a high Increase in your profit by 10 to 15%, and that will help you to assure and create the best possible menu. 


You are dealing with a menu designing, so there are some points which need to be considered, like 

1. How to layout a menu

2. How to style it

3. Menu description

4. Image selection 

5. Choosing colours 

6. Font and typography 

7. Designing 



When your customers look at the menu their eyes are drawn to a specific place on it and that should be very much proper that it should be placed accordingly, so this is where you put your most popular menu items and items with the highest profit margins. From the engineers and psychologist perspective, there are three spots on the menu where the customers' look goes first. 


The golden triangle 

It is a term that menu engineers use to refer to the 3 areas on the menu that most customers look at first. 

That is, 


the middle of the centre point is the one which generally customers use to see first. It is a great location to put your specials. 

Top right : 

The second place where the eyes tend to go is at the top right corner of the page, so prefer there to put the entrees or main course items. 

Top left :

From the top right corner, the customers mostly tend to go to the top left corner. The most common location for appetizers, and combined with entrees, can boost your profit. 


Once you are done with the side of the items, decide the menu and its different sections, decide which items to put on, where to put on and how to put them. 

You can go ahead with the different desserts menu and specific special items served so differently for them too 



There are specific design elements that go into styling your menu, such as fonts, images, colours, background, animation, which allows your menu to look great and showcase your theme. 

So the font and the colours theme and the proper structure need to be taken into consideration. 



 After the layout and the style of the inner things have been decided now, what should be written as an item and any other things need to be seen in the menu description. The name and the brand logo also should be there. The dishes which are going to be served, your specialist items and the dish which is majorly been preferred. 

A checklist needs to be made, instead of just listing it down, all the increments and the adjectives to make it sound more appetizing. 



images play a crucial role because that is the one which people look at and sometimes by seeing that attractive one places the order so, choose accordingly and make sure that fits into it. 

The idea of what your items are and according to that place is at the proper place. And remember too many images are not required, it will create a messy image and many customers would not like that. The pictures you can get from Pinterest as quality-wise would be great to put on. 



The colour on your menu decides on its overall look, decent and elegant looking colour will get the brand show what you want to depict. The colour you choose affect the guest's appetite too so choose wisely

For example, pink, purple and sky blue colours are the majority seen and can give a Hugh point to your menu. The pale colour and the fruit colours can give a high impact on the mind of the customer. 



A well thought out font needs to be recorded and should be put so that it can increase your sales. Lager fonts for heading and then the fonts appropriate for the list down need to be seen that way. 



There are various apps where you can design your app and can get the best templates available. As said earlier there is a CANVA app which is a very effective and great app to create the designs and many more things relating to your designs and will be available with various elements and all. 

Therefore, going ahead with designing a menu trial of two to three templates by yourself for free can be made so that the actual results can be more accurate and well worthy. 

This was all about the designing menu and its points which need to be considered. 

Here we will go ahead with the holiday menu, a kind of special menu for the weekend and what's the difference we can see there. Let's see. 


Steps to Create a Holiday Menu that Will DRIVE YOUR BAKERY in 2021

Holidays are the ones which are the days which sell more than what has been sold the whole Month. Now it's all up to your menu, how you shape your menu on your marketing strategy to tone for this holiday. Now you have to be sure that you're crafting a menu that brings people into your bakery and makes them eager for all you have there… 


1. Sprinkle in the Spices

Holidays are the perfect time of the year to play with the spices and enjoy every moment. No, these holidays have their freedom to explore and how come if these cute bakery items add on and make them more special, the weekend plans and all the holidays in a year can have a menu which serves the customer needs and has to have something different. 


2. Celebrate Flavour 

Now as we are making the menu for the holi there should be some flavour in it which spice up the menu and have great tiny stuff from the bakery to get involved in. This will add up to a plus point for this holiday special which can create buzz around people. 


3. Go, Gourmet

 Doughnuts are everyone's favourite and keeping them in as a gourmet dessert would serve as ice on a cake. With this latest gourmet doughnuts trend, the customers will want the doughnuts for their holiday and their parties to rock on for a long year. This brings together the traditions and the floor of some newness to it. 


4. Sell All Sizes

This holiday season makes the rules beyond what they are and goes with the all size cakes and pastries available. From single-serving treats to the smaller cakes baked for parties with few attendees, offer customers an assortment that met their expectations and needs to go on with this season. 


5. Do Digital

With going digital, help your customers feel as safe as possible and support them by serving them all kinds of items and adding some floors and icing which make their holidays go beyond their imagination. This will ensure the shopping online and ordering, which ultimately lead to high sales and giving customers one or more options for getting the season successful. 


Bakery Menu Planning Tools

As there are so many options available for designing the menu, you can have a print-ready bakery menu in no time. 

There are templates available where the photographs and easy to update options are available with the engaging customer features too. 


1. Use online tools like MENUTECH, 

It's a menu planning website that allows you to write and print your product list and with all dietary and I formation included. Get your customers satisfied and give them the treats which help both parties to get benefits. 


2. Use a free menu template PDF 

VistaPrint offers a free menu templates PDF download that can be used to format your home bakery menu. 


The software which helps to design menu

Here is the list of websites that offer professional designs of menu templates for your bakery layout and the need for printing too would get over. 


A. Canva

B. menu pro

C. Postermywall

D. Visme

E. top menu


The three points to remember for designing your menu quickly. 

1. Scroll stopping photographs

2. Product descriptions

3. Up-to-date prices


All the home-based Bakers, to get in the customer, use the appropriate tools and let's get rock to get into the professional world. Your digital mode and the printed menu would help them to offer a similar experience by the way of photos and product description, their reviews and quotes. 

After all these things about the menu designing and all, we need to arrive at a conclusion where it says that whenever we are planning to frame and design the menu, SWOT analysis of your business is quite important and that will help you to get the details of what to put and the description about the menu. Hence, certain things need to be kept while framing the design and needed to see that its result arrives positively and shows some changes in a graph.