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Sept. 23, 2021




All there. How are you? Trending bakery things to get on, try them all out - The cupcakes and cookies all around, cakes and the lunchbox cakes,  they are very delicious and I am sure you people will love them. 

As we are talking of all this bakery stuff, let me share this also that, today I am back again with a bang on surprises which you will live in, as it's about bakers and the one who wanna try to bake and learn it. 

We feel to eat such yummy and tasty cookies but sometimes the healthy things come upon so better we cook and bake by our selves, and for that to do I am here to share with you one amazing institution which is well known for the pastry making institutes and will upgrade your baking skills and will add some new flavour to your recipe too… 

As I am here, we will further move with this institution and I will guide you to make your bakery Skills go to the next level…. 

SCHOOL OF EUROPEAN PASTRY, is designed as one of the best top 10 pastry schools around the world and they pride themselves as a perfect blend of the highest levels of Skills and craftsmanship, they also state that they are well known for its art and equipment, ingredients from all around the world. 


Their founders Chef Vikas Bagul and Chef Anil Rohira have brought us a decade of experience and world-renowned experts in their fields, which enables us to explore our passion and love for baking and pastry in an unprecedented way!!   They have a high belief in driving the institution which will turn out to be an unexpecting pastry and baking academy. They say that what makes you turn into a wonderful and exceptional chef is enhanced by the great understanding of pastry and its science, your passion for it, how you craft it, your unwavering desire to learn, and adapt to the surroundings and grow, is the points which have to be pondered under the roof.

 At the School of European pastry, they Believe in Sharing an experience that will give a kick start journey to all who are shaking hands and they give the assurance that they will make the students and professionals out of them by their expertise, service and course.

Their main aim is to strive to provide an environment that proffers an open mind towards learning and growing.  Their curriculums have been developed and updated to be taught by industry experts and professionals which will lead them to get practical learning. 

The major focus is to provide quality education In a better and interactive environment using the best ingredients, infrastructure, and technology with techniques.  "Your development is our responsibility" - is the key to why they are well known for their professionals.  They have the vision to undertake which educate, train and develop the students to be the industry leaders of tomorrow.  You can choose to be a part of the hospitality industry or to start your own business (Entrepreneurship). They provide you with the essential training and resources necessary to grow. They take pride in our growth and success.

Picture of Felchlin Switzerland is a chocolate partner for European pastry. Felchlin is the preferred chocolate partner  They believe in using the best quality ingredients from around the world, their chocolate from Felchlin is an exquisite chocolate company based in central Switzerland, which has won the "World's Best Chocolate" award In 2017.






The short term course is available for certain days according to the plan mentioned below. Within this class, you will learn the basics and will also get to explore, learn and implement the art of pastry making as you have never done it before.  Different classes are divided into different days and here are the details been mentioned ;


-10 Days Chocolate Masterclasses

Dates To be announced soon

Fees 1,00,000 INR plus 18 % GST

SCHOOL OF EUROPEAN PASTRY offers classes used in different areas of Baking and pastry which helps students as well as professionals to specialize in a specific skill set. 


-3 Days Wedding Cake Masterclass

Dates: 15th July 2021 - 17th July 2021

Fees: 30,000 INR plus 18% GST


- Weekend workshops

There may be many of us who want to indulge in learning the baking and pastry but would not be able to devote much time for that in the full-time course, so here the institution has a one day workshop on weekends! 

From cookies to tea cakes to advanced level entremets and plated desserts from basic bread to Viennoiseries, they cater to adults and kids alike for a variety of workshops. 




- Corporate Training Programs

Here the program includes a training course customised to cater to the required requirements of the industry. The primary aim of the program is to help organisations facilitate learning of such modern techniques with technology in the world of Baking and pastry.   Get yourself in and learn the basics and customised baking and pastry. 


Enrol now;




Recipes are based on intense in-house research and product development which will help students to get to know about the facts.   This course is a completely egg-free course.   It includes some special Classes by MASTER CHEFS which are supported by industry experienced pastry chefs.  Excellent entrepreneurial program with the state of art infrastructure and top quality ingredients are used.   Science and techniques are also driven courses which are fully hands-on programs that one should try to go in. 


Modules of the course :


Module 1: Science of Baking, Pastry and Chocolate 

Module 2: Cookies 

Module 3: Travel Cakes 

Module 4: Tarts and pies 

Module 5: Bread 

Module 6: Laminated doughs 

Module 7: Ice creams, Sorbets, Garantia  

Module 8: Verrines

Module 9: Sugar Confection  

Module 10: Chocolate and pralines

Module 11: Cakesicles 

Module 12: Macarons - egg-free - aquafaba free

Module 13: Fundamentals of cake 

Module 14: Entremet and Petit Gâteaux

Module 15: Final dessert display



1,99,500 INR plus 18 % GST




  • From 6th of September 2021- 15th of October 2021 = Full Batch 
  • From 25th of October 2021- 10th of December 2021 = Full Batch 
  • From 13th of December 2021- 21tst of January 2021 = Available 
  • From 31st  of January  2021- 11th of March 2021 = Available 
  • From 14th of March  2021- 22nd of April 2021 = Available 

Make sure you get seats available and go and Enroll yourself.

Enrol now 




3. 6 Months Diploma in Baking & Pastry


  • 115 hours of hands of experience of the instructor,
  • instruction and guidance by the master chefs themselves,
  •  supported by the industry experienced pastry chefs, 
  • High level of certification LEVEL 3 from CITY AND GUILDS, London. 
  • State of the art of infrastructure involved 
  • Top-quality ingredients used
  • Science and techniques have driven course 
  • Excellent Entrepreneurial program. 

Modules included 

Module 1. Food safety and sanitation 

Module 2. Food science theory and basic skills

Module 3. Menu planning, budgeting, and entrepreneurship 

Module 4. Cookies and travel cakes 

Module 5. Basic bread and yeasted doughs

Module 6. Artisanal bread

Module 7. Breakfast pastries

Module 8. Tarts and pies

Module 9. Chocolate basics 

Module 10. Patient flours and miniature pastries

Module 11. Classical cakes and French pastries 

Module 12. Celebration cakes and wedding cakes

Module 13. High tea preparation 

Module 14. Ice creams and Desserts 

Module 15. Plated desserts

Module 16. Advanced Chocolates, pralines and artistry

Module 17. Sugar confectionery and artistry

Module 18. Advance Pâtisserie and buffet presentation 




 The fees are like 5,25,000/- INR excluding 18% GST and City & Guilds Examination fees (Rs. 25,370)




  • From 9th Aug 2021 - 4th Feb 2022 = Batch Full
  •  From 4th Oct 2021 - 02nd April 2022 = Batch Full
  • From  April 2022 =  Seats Available

Make your seats confirmed!! Rush and Enroll now




The recent updates about the school of European pastry, say that they have tried various recipes out which the customers were demanding and I found it quite interesting and so I thought to share here. 

Let's have a look at what they are up to right now… 

  • SCHOOL OF EUROPEAN PASTRY is finally back with the weekend workshop because to fulfil the need of the customer and to make a cheesecake which the calls and DMS have demanded. 

Get your journey with a wide experience in making egg-free cheesecakes this coming Saturday that is September 2021.


Overview of the class:-


- Make your mascarpone cheese

- Make your cream cheese

- Tiramisu

- Caramel and popcorn baked cheesecake

- Lemon blueberry cold cheesecake


Fees:- Rs. 4750 INR + 18% GST & Convenience charge



You will be provided with:-

- Lunch

- SEP Certificate

- Detailed recipe card


To register: tap in the signup button

Don’t miss this opportunity LIMITED SEATS only.


  • Cookies and travel sports theme buffet by our 6 monthly diploma batch


  • Such an elegant wedding cake


 SCHOOL OF EUROPEAN PASTRY, THANKS  chef @rumanajaseel, they express gratitude and say, It meant a lot to us that you took the time to travel such a long way to come back to SEP. he truly values the time which he has devoted to the students of SEP. 


6 Months Diploma In Baking And Pastry

  • Pralines made with Sao Palme 60% dark chocolate filled with soft caramel and feuilletine crunch.


6 Months Diploma In Baking And Pastry

  • These Cakesicles are a fun twist of a traditional cake pop. Crafted in popsicle moulds, cakesicles are an easy-to-make version of the ever-popular treat with a chocolate shell surrounding a blend of cake and frosting

These Yummy Looking Cakesicles are prepared by the  chef during the demo lecture in 6 Weeks Eggfree Course at School For European Pastry




  • 177000  litres of milk production in India daily
  • 95000000  thousand eggs produced in India daily
  • 5000000 kgs of butter produced in India daily


  1. Suffeyan hubbub 
  2. Anushka navel ar
  3. Shruti ware
  4. Smriti Ahuja 

They have given a very positive aspect and response about the academy/ institution in which they have mentioned that if you have the will and passion to get in there, the doors are all open and it's all in there. You are made for that and to get the baking and pastry Skills to upgrade no need to think twice and get the application of School of European pastry and enjoy your class. 


Glimpse of SEP 


  • The 6 Months Diploma in Baking & Pastry is the flagship program.  Here is the hand in training and program which is suitable for anyone who wants to learn baking and pastry and wants to go ahead with that. It's a comprehensive course where the syllabus focuses on basic and modern techniques in the field of baking and pastry.
  • If you have a passion for baking, you are by default, eligible to enrol…..
  • The 6 monthly diploma in baking & Pastry offers 1150 hrs of training which is one of the highest in Asia. The training hours would be 240 in total for this 6 weeks certificate course which is effing free baking and pastry course.
  • It does not maintain a dormitory for students. They are however happy to guide you towards comfortable and affordable choices.
  • Here basically the number of diploma courses in baking and pastry is based upon the traditional French techniques and recipes where the proportion of egg as an ingredient plays a crucial role.
  • Online bank transfer, cheque and Bank DD. They do not accept cash for enrollment.
  • Their faculty guides the students for job placements
  • Here students will undergo the internship program which is not part of the syllabus. However, their  Faculty will guide the students in finding an internship
  • The yearly planner shows details for weekend programs. For any other updates, feel free to write  on [email protected]


Hope to see you there!! Have a break and happy baking!


Address: Andheri

City: Mumbai

Phone:91 8652255912

Email:[email protected]


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