Best & Pocket Friendly Stand Mixer for your home bakery

Advait Kulkarni

June 1, 2021

Best & Pocket Friendly Stand Mixer for your home bakery

Good Day Bakers!

Today, one of the most fashionable pieces of kit for several bakers and cooks is a stand mixer that amplifies their baking and cooking skills. This gadget helps to take up all the hard work like beating, whisking, and kneading the dough or even batter and lets you produce some show-stopping delicacies.

 A stand mixer has to be one of the most exciting purchases you could ever gift your kitchen, especially if you love baking a lot. But, just like the other powerful kitchen appliances, the electric stand mixers are an investment to make.

 Since this is an investment item, naturally, most people want to make sure they have the space, money, and the need for such a machine before diving into it. Although finally, deciding to make the purchase feels like a significant decision itself. The actual decision arrives when picking that particular piece that is right for your kitchen and cooking needs.

 If you make a wise choice and get a stand mixer that you can afford, this small machine can last you for decades, ensuring you that your money has a worth.

 Some top-rated models have attachments that you can purchase separately, like the sausage stuffers and pasta makers. For professionals as well as home bakers, these stand mixers are the key. This appliance is flexible for whipping up everything from layers of cake to stiff bread.

 It also eliminates the time and effort of mixing by hand. In addition, many of the mixers include accessories to tackle other kitchen tasks like pasta, ice cream, juice, and more!  

So, if you are considering getting a stand mixer of your own, it could be a great challenge to find the right fit for you. To help you hunt down the best piece for your kitchen, we have turned to the reviews from the real shoppers who have already bought and tried these appliances themselves. 

We explored through dozens of the best-selling stand mixers to find out which tools not only received top-notch ratings but also have got thousands of reviews from the people who have used them. 

In this article today, I will be guiding you about the best stand mixers available in the market and the aspects to keep in mind while choosing your piece.

So let’s get started 


“As long as you can to bake,

Life is surely going to be sweet.”


First and the most important thing we need to clear

These stand mixers may sound alike but widely differ from each other. The piece below will help you understand this better.


Stand Mixer vs. Hand Mixer

  • A hand mixer is more of a  modernized version of an eggbeater mixer but with a motor.
  • A motor is placed in the top section, which has a handle.
  • Stand mixers consist of a frame that acts as the covering for a heavier-duty motor.
  • It also has a mounting base for a bowl designed to fit the mixer and lock itself in place during mixing. 
  • They also have various mixing attachments, which can carry out whipping, creaming, and kneading as an effortless task.

Need a hand in choosing the best stand mixer for you?

The important tips are listed below that you need to follow before selecting your perfect stand mixer, as it will be with you for a long time ahead.

1. Size And Weight

  • Large-sized stand mixers are always the winners for the one who bakes for all the week.
  • If you opt for a larger sized mixer, you will need a powerful motor to properly and efficiently knead the dough.
  • The standard bowl size of the mixer is between 4.5 to 5.5 Quarts. Larger sizes in bowls can go up from 6 to 8 Quarts which can be quite an ideal choice in this case.

2. Price

  • The stand mixers are available at all price ranges.
  • The best of the mixers can cost you up to hundreds of dollars.
  • The price of the stand mixers is based on certain key factors like the brand name, the capacity of the bowl features it provides, etc.
  • Quality stand mixers are available for you from around 100$.
  • You need to remember that the stand mixer is an investment for your kitchen. You can add in some extra cash and keep it worthy for a more extended time period

3. Power

  • Power is the most crucial aspect you need to keep in your mind while buying your stand mixers.
  • The higher the wattage of the mixer, the more is the power. That means you can even mix the sturdier dough very easily.
  • While buying, always aim for the stand mixer with a minimum power of 300 Watts.

4. Features and Accessories

  • From speed setting to several attachments, you will definitely want to compare the features the mixer is giving out.
  • Always opt for a mixer with multiple speed settings and has a dough hook along with whisks and a paddle for having the best value.

To make your work much more accessible, we have researched the web and listed some of the best stand mixers based on the points mentioned earlier.

To find your perfect stand mixer, we have sorted them into three categories: Light Use, Medium Use, and Heavy Use. You can scroll and find your best suiting stand mixer according to your convenience. 

Light Use Stand Mixers

This category is ideal for all the occasional bakers who bake a couple of times in a month but do not bake in huge batches. If you like to bake bread or pizzas, we won’t recommend any light use machines in good conscience. You may move on to a better medium, or heavy use stand mixers. 

1. Breville BEM800XL Scraper Mixer Pro Stand Mixer

The Breville Scraper Mixer Pro claims that it features a special attachment that no other competitor has yet introduced: a flat beater that will scrape the bowl as it mixes. It is slightly less expensive than its high-end competitors.

For all the average home chefs, this machine will be of excellent use. However, we won’t recommend using this machine for more than occasional bread kneading purposes. It has a unique scraping function that makes it stand apart from its wide range of competitors.

Although priced slightly higher than the other light stand mixers, its features like auto load sensing and auto timer will always give you an extra piece of comfort than many other comparable devices.

The life of this mixer is just for a year. So, it might be a rugged option if you’re using it frequently and for heavy-duty jobs. However, if you are planning to use it frequently to mix the light dough and enjoy the functionality it delivers, this could be the right choice for you.

2. Hamilton Beach Electrics All-Metal

The Hamilton Beach Electrics Stand Mixer is a good mid-range option and is the best budget stand mixer we came across.

  • It features a 4.5-quart mixing bowl, which is little on the smaller side, but it is able to handle nearly any recipe for cookie dough, bread dough, or even cakes!
  • You may not be able to work on anything larger than a single batch at once, but that won’t be any problem for most of our home cooks.
  • The bowl locks perfectly into place and gives you more control over sturdier jobs.


Despite being on the lower end according to the price, it features a 3-year warranty, much longer than the standard 1-year warranty. 

Overall, the Hamilton Beach Electrics Stand Mixer is quite a good option if you’re working with a limited budget or aren’t sure about buying the best stand mixer.

Medium Use Stand Mixers

For the bakers expecting to use their stand mixers once or twice a week and make relatively large batches of occasional bread and pizzas, these are the best offerings for you.

1. Cuisinart SM – 55 Stand Mixer

The Cuisinart SM-55 Stand Mixer is definitely considered as a high-end small appliance. However, this means it arrives with a slightly higher price tag. It also provides a lot more durable construction. It is an overall better machine.

  • This machine consists of a powerful motor that can easily handle the thick dough. This motor can operate at 12 different speeds at 800  Watts.
  • It also includes a slow-start function to make sure that you don’t end up covering your kitchen in flour by turning it up to full speed too quickly. 
  • The mid-speed is used for especially juicing out the citrus.
  • It is also sold separately, which ultimately allows you to get the most from your lemons, limes, and oranges. 

Cuisinart Stand Mixers offer one of the best warranties around to give you peace of mind about your purchase. This product has a 3-year limited warranty.

But the motor, which is usually the main thing to go out if the machine is going to become a waste, has a 5-year full warranty!


2. Kitchenaid Artisan Series

With several reviews and an outstanding rating on Amazon, this is one of the most popular stand mixers!

The price and the capabilities fit the needs of almost every home cook.

  • Though it has the same ten speeds, this model is more potent than other mentioned mixers, with a motor of 325 Watts.
  • It also has a large bowl at 5 quarts, allowing you to stir up to 9 dozen cookies or four and a half loaves of bread in one batch!
  • For those who love to display their stand mixers, this is available in over twenty different colors. So, you can select the colour of your choice and match your kitchen!
  • The bowl is shiny stainless steel along with a handle.
  • This series of stand mixers are also widely used in many bake-off challenges worldwide!

The Kitchenaid Artisan Series Mixer is a perfect choice for home cooks who always spend most of their time in the kitchen and need a tool to grow and add attachments to as they go.

Heavy Use Stand Mixers


For the people who bake more than three or four times a week or are serious home bakers, investing in heavy-duty stand mixers are the best way you can find to churn out your pizzas and bread. These mixers are well worth their prices and will save you money in the long run.


1. Kitchenaid Professional 600 Series Stand Mixers

This mixer consists of a far more powerful motor than the other stand mixers discussed so far, with a power of 575 Watts.

  • Like the other regular mixers, it has ten speeds, which have to be more than enough precision for any cooking or baking process.
  • This motor is specially designed for the repeated mixing of thick and heavy dough. So if you are sure you will be using your machine frequently, this is undoubtedly the option to go with.

The Kitchenaid Professional 600 Series has several other features that are not yet seen on any other mixing models. These include an electronic speed sensor that helps you determine the best setting for your mixing work, an auto turnoff, and a soft start system, so you don’t find yourself covered all in splatter if anything goes wrong.

With a mixing bowl of 6 quarts, you will be able to bake about 13 dozen cookies or even mix over 14 cups of flour for making pizza or bread dough in just one single batch, almost twice the capacity of 4.5-quart bowls!


2. Kenwood Chef Major Stand Mixer

Rated at 800 Watts, the Kenwood Chef Major Stand Mixers feature heavy-duty metal casting and is also one of the better choices in the market for an average home baker who loves to bake heavy bread.

  • The power of this mixer is unleashed through a set of eight different speeds with electronic control, which ensures that the power remains constant no matter the load.
  • A spatula and a short book with 75 recipes are included in the package box as a bonus. Though the ingredients and the measurements tend to be UK specific, it is familiar enough to adapt and use it with a bit of conversion research online.
  • The Kenwood Chef Major series of stand mixers can often be used in most of the bake-off challenges worldwide.  

The Kenwood mixers also have some additional attachments available that you can buy separately to modify your machine as a complete kitchen device. Some of these attachments are a pasta maker, a slicer and shredder, and a potato peeler.

These attachments fit into one of the four outlets – the main outlet that the beater and dough hook are attached to, plus the three others covered until they are needed.


I hope you have found the best stand mixer that would suit you and your kitchen. If not, there is also a huge variety available over the web. You can find yours there.


A stand mixer is a machine that helps do all the hard work from beating, whisking, and kneading your dough or the batter and allows you to produce absolute show-stopping baked goodies.

That is exactly why many baking competitions or bake-offs worldwide feature stand mixers as marketing for their brand. Just like The Great British Bake Off! 

So, what mixers do they use in such baking competitions or bake-offs?

Well, the two of the most used brands are Kitchenaid and Kenwood. These brands can be found in almost every other bake-off!

So this is all about the variety of stand mixers that are available around you. Go through this article once and choose your mixer carefully.

I hope this article will help you with your mixer shopping journey and make you ready to pick your perfect stand mixer.

So put on your apron, pull up your gloves, and heat the oven. It’s time to try out the ideas!


Stay Safe, Keep Baking!