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Best 10 Fondant Brand in India Which you can use to Decorate your Cake

When it comes to cakes our mind always gets filled with deliciousness, smoothness and sweetness and our eyes get mouth-watering because of the beautiful and creative decorations done on the cake. The main feature of a beautifully decorated cake is f…

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Top 10 Baking institute in India

Currently, India is rapidly changing along with the advancement and up-gradation of the educational infrastructure. The educational and managerial services provided by India are appreciated worldwide. The people in India are taking the best bene…

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Bonjour!!!! All there. How are you? Trending bakery things to get on, try them all out - The cupcakes and cookies all around, cakes and the lunchbox cakes, they are very delicious and I am sure you people will love them. As we are talking of …

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Best & Pocket Friendly Stand Mixer for your home bakery

Today, one of the most fashionable pieces of kit for several bakers and cooks is a stand mixer that amplifies their baking and cooking skills. This gadget helps to take up all the hard work like beating, whisking, and kneading the dough or even batt…

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7 Best cake premixes in india

If you are asked about what a premix really is – Your most prominent answer would be a blend of particular ingredients, which is absolutely ready to use for the final creation. Just as the name itself suggests, it is a pre-prepared mixture. These…

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White Caps Baking Institute- Your Journey to be a pro Baker

Baking is an art and not everyone is an artist and so the Whitecaps International School of Pastry welcomes every baker and kitchen artist to smooth their hands in the field of baking and serving the best taste possible.

Bakers Story

Every baker’s curiosity about learning the mixing spells of ingredients and the process of baking is what drives them to become one of the finest bakers.

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Top 10 Baking Books to be a Pro Player in the Baking Industry!!

We all understand the importance of baking at home as well as baking like a professional like the photographs that excite us in these baking books. Whatever it is, we all are here because we understand the importance of learning and living through t…

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Wanna take your Bakery skills to the next level? - Join LAVONNE ACADEMY!!

Get your Bakery skills to the next level - Join LAVONNE ACADEMY!! So today I am going to take you all to an institute or an academy where you can make your dream come true… So what are we waiting for!! Let's dive in. LAVONNE ACADEMY OF BA…

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Best Oven for Baking at Home | Oven for Home Bakers

It is a very frequently asked question WHICH IS THE BEST OVEN FOR BAKING? If you’re looking for the answer to the same question, you’ve landed on the right blog. We’ve got you covered. One of the most important pieces of equipment while consideri…