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The Lava Cake With A Twist!!

Choco lava cake, who doesn't love them? Is there any human on the planet? I guess No! Isn't it? So, yeah! Chef Aditya here up again for all my foodie friends with a simplified version of choco lava cake, the Orea Lava Cake.  To your amazement, the…

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Waffles Without Waffle Maker (Easy Recipe)

Baking is true fun, isn't it? And, if you make me choose between cooked food over baked ones, my heart will always peep out for the bakery stuff, be it preparing it or digging into it. So, I'm here again with a super excited and easy recipe by C…

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Healthiest Carrot Cake Recipe!! Easy and Homemade recipe

Say Hello To The Healthy Carrot Cake! Yes, you heard it right, I am here to share a super and healthy carrot cake recipe whose star ingredient is the Carrot. I know whenever it comes to bakery and cake, our minds start to picturise fruits, chocol…