Top 10 Baking institute in India

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May 22, 2021

Top 10 Baking institute in India
“Cooking and Baking is both physical and mental therapy.” - Mary Berry

Currently, India is changing along with the advancement and up-gradation of the educational infrastructure. The educational and managerial services provided by India are appreciated worldwide. The people in India are taking the best benefit out of this opportunity. Acquiring as much knowledge as they can and developing it for building successful careers for themselves.

Amongst all the leading fields, Cooking has proved to be one fast-growing sector. Most people are developing their hobbies in cooking. Also, a majority of people are observed changing their careers into cooking and hotel management. Baking is one such field where people can pursue it and grow. Bakery and culinary courses, one of the fastest-growing courses in India have gained global recognition as well as, Indian culinary institutes have some of the best instructors in the world.

In the 1990s, the presence of leaders of culinary arts in Indian baking schools was unimaginable and today it's commonplace. Few hobbies relax the mind and soothe the hungry soul in quite the way that baking does. Now, these budding Chefs can get world-class courses and cooking facilities in India. Must for such people to know the institutes where they can learn the art of baking.

There are many places where the passion for cooking and baking is welcomed and nurtured.

So, let’s proceed and learn about these places. to know the institutes where they can learn the art of baking.


1. CakeUncle- The Complete Bakery Institute

CakeUncle is a world-class baking institute located in Chandigarh & Delhi, India. They provide courses suitable for professionals as well as non-professionals. This is definitely a wonderful place for baking enthusiasts. This course will guide you through all you need to know about starting your cake business from home or opening your own shop.

 It was established in the year 2017 and since then, it is leading in providing quality courses and education to help baking enthusiasts build their own career as a pastry chef or quit their 9 to 5 to get into building a cake-oriented business.

The baking Institute offers a variety of Government affiliated courses. Their All-in-One course named "International Diploma in Patisserie" includes Bakery classes, cream Cakes Classes, Fondant Cakes Classes, Marketing and shop management sessions - completely designed to take any cake business from 0 to 100.

If you are a young mind, passionate about cake making, then CakeUncle is definitely a place you should visit. To visit CakeUncle click here  


2. ASK Institute of Bakery and Confectionary


ASK Institute of Hotel Management and Culinary Arts is located in Bangalore, India. It was established in the year 2011. They provide various bakery and confectionery courses in Culinary Arts, Pastry Arts, Hospitality Management, Hotel Management, and Tourism Management. They also offer recognized dual degree courses and diploma courses.

They guarantee 100% placements for their students in star category hotels throughout the world. It gives out hands-on skills to the learners and makes them industry-ready. They provide a variety of courses like Intermediate Masters Diploma in Bakery and Patisserie Pasty Arts, a certification course in Bread Arts and Boulangerie, a certification course in Cake Decor. It is the only Baking Institute in Bangalore. The Institute is accredited by the World Association of Chef Societies.


3. Lavonne Academy of Baking Arts and Pastry Arts


Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts is a world-class baking institute located in Bangalore, India. They provide courses suitable for professionals as well as non-professionals. Their courses include 960 hours Diploma Program, Six Weeks Certificate Program, Sugar-Art Classes, Master Classes conducted by World-Class Chefs. This is definitely a wonderful place for baking enthusiasts.

Lavonne’s facility is a massive hub for pastry learning, equipped with the best facilities for the students. Located in the most vibrant part of the city, the academy has become a landmark among city dwellers.

Lavonne has also bagged many awards such as the Times Food Award, India Education Award, Forbes-All Star Alumni Award, Forbes-30 Under 30 Asia Award, and an Award for Doctorate in Wine Study.


4. White Lotus School of Cake Decoration Arts


White Lotus School of Cake Decoration Arts is the first baking school in Pune, India. They offer intensive Fourteen Weeks Diploma Course, One Day Baking Workshops, Specialized Cake Decoration, and Baking Classes for aspiring chefs, home bakers, and foodies.

In White Lotus School, the aspirant chefs can enjoy learning to bake cakes, sat ease. White Lotus School of Cake Decoration Arts was incepted due to a culmination of the industry’s need for skilled experts in Cake Decoration and the continuance of a legacy.

This legacy’s flag bearer is Priyanka and Shivdeep Deokar, founders of White Lotus and an expert in the skill of cake decoration. Priyanka along with Shivdeep entered the industry in 2006 with ‘Modern Cakes & Confectionaries’ and 7 years later ‘White Lotus’ was formed.

It is one of Pune’s first cake decoration and skill training institutes and a home for all those who want to explore and develop their own style of icing where hands-on work is encouraged.


5. Whisk and Bake Institute


Whisk and Bake Institute is a professional cake baking class that is located in Pune, India. They offer a Three Months Diploma Course that covers both baking and confectionery. They also provide classes for cake decorating, chocolate making, and sugarcraft fundamentals like fondant cake, geode cake.

These courses are useful for chefs who want to pursue a career in this field. The Courses provided by the institute are Fresh Cream Foundation Course, Baking Foundation Course, and Cake Baking Classes. Baking and Cake decoration is a rewarding experience for cooks of all abilities, not only can you make irresistible treats for friends and family but the hands-on process is satisfying.

Whisk n Bake has it all: From teaching detailed technical knowledge and supreme elegance and artistry of presentation to teaching how every single creation made by the student can be a delicious work of art.


6. School of European Pastry


School for European Pastry is India’s first level 3 IVQ Diploma in Professional Patisserie and Confectionery Certified Pastry School from City and Guilds London located in Mumbai, India. Renowned chefs Vikas Bagul and Anil Rohira are the pillars of the institute.

Under their expertise, students learn to create the world’s finest, authentic and European ingredients for creating pastries and chocolates. They provide courses such as a 6 Month Diploma in Baking and Pastry, a 6 Week Certification Course in egg-free baking and pastry, and some other short-term courses also.

Designated one of the top 10 pastry schools in the world, the School for European Pastry prides itself on the perfect blend of the highest levels of skill and craftsmanship, state-of-the-art equipment, and the best ingredients from around the world.

The founder's Chef Vikas Bagul and Chef Anil Rohira bring to you decades worth of experience and world-renowned expertise in their fields, enabling you to explore your passion for baking and pastry in an unprecedented way!


7. Culinary and Baking Arts Studio


Aspiring chefs who live in Noida and are looking for an excellent culinary and baking institute can go to Baking Arts Studio. This institute provides professional training in baking and confectionery, cake decoration, chocolate making, Indian cooking, and other international cuisines.

At Culinary ‘n‘ Baking Arts Studio, they celebrate a mutual love for cooking and baking. they have for you the most comprehensive culinary and baking curriculum that will help you polish your skills and become a master. Our aim is to spread the beauteous art of cooking and baking. They share with us the know-how and the knowledge you need to master this art.


8. Truffle NationPremium Baking School


Truffle Nation- Premium Baking School is a perfect place for a beginner to become a professional baker in few weeks. It is situated in New Delhi, India. They offer a complete diploma course for a baker who wants to open his own bakery/ cafe. The duration of the course is for four months, five months, and six months depending upon the essentials of the course.

With Truffle Nation’s professional bakery courses, you can go from an aspiring baker to a professional pastry chef in less than 6 months. With over 3000 students and over 200 bakeries and home bakeries across India, our students have been making waves with their delicious cakes and bread all over India. It’s a place where anyone can fulfil their dream of becoming a professional baker and starting their own bakeries, cafes, and cloud kitchens.


9. Foody Breaks Academy

Foodybreaks Academy is situated in Goa, India. They offer various courses that include International Diploma in Pastry Arts, One Month Certificate Course and Nine Days Bridging add-on Diploma in Patisserie, Master Classes, Private Classes, and Product Training Workshops. All these courses are recognized worldwide and are very valuable. Foodybreaks - Academy. Bakery. Consulting & Concepts is a passionate endeavour of Chef Kunal Arolkar & his Team of Dedicated Professionals and aims to offer World-class Quality & Fresh ideas to the bustling Indian Kitchen, Bakery & Cafe scene, along with the Basic Fundamentals required to gain Expertise in these Core Competencies.

10. Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts (APCA)

APCA is an esteemed group of professional culinary and pastry schools with Pan- Asia presence in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Its journey started in 2010 with a flagship school in Malaysia and today, the company is growing and plans to be in Dubai and Thailand soon.
Amid the lockdown, APCA has also started its 1-month online Bakery Certification program that is one of its kind in India. The academy has made a good start in the field. It has not only churned out some competitive chefs in India but also from the other neighbouring countries.
The more culinary courses in Bangalore and Mumbai centre have provided a good platform to students interested to learn various international cuisines,” feels Chef. “Till recently, students used to go to Europe for such training programs, but with expert faculty from Europe and the US, the students are not only trained at par with foreign institutes but also save about 60% of their cost.


Apart from the above 10, I am sure there are many more institutes in India that encourage people to be a part of their institution and contribute their share of knowledge to the foodie world.
However, for all the home chefs out there, the internet is still a better and accessible platform.
So, get up, put on your aprons and your gloves, heat the oven, and start baking.
Personally, I would begin with baking some pies.
What about you??