Top 13 bakery influencers you need to follow if you are a homebaker

Pracheta Purohit

May 30, 2021

Top 13 bakery influencers you need to follow if you are a homebaker

Hello dear bakers! What's baking? This pandemic has got all of us being stuck with our mobile phones and social media platforms! And we all agree, the most favourite is our Instagram. The IGTV videos, live stories, and the latest reels with short yet intriguing videos have got us addicted. It has all the fun and pictures of all our favourite people. So why not add our favourite bakers to our following list and beautify our feeds with some drooling posts of cakes and other desserts? Sounds interesting, right? But there are lots of bakers with tons of talent! Oh, I've got you covered! Get on board to know about the top bakers in India you must follow right away!

1. Shivesh Bhatia

Instagram username: @shivesh17

Shivesh Bhatia is a self-taught baker and food blogger from Delhi. In just the age of 25 years, he has achieved so much more than many other young bakers. He is my personal favourite when it comes to Indian bakers. He has written two cookbooks yet:

Bake with Shivesh

Shivesh Bhatia's desserts for every mood: 100 feel-good recipes.


Shivesh started baking when he was in class 11, and he has come a long way since then. Now he has a profession of his passion, and what can be greater than that!


Shivesh said in one of his blogs:

I started posting pictures of my cakes on Instagram and surprisingly got a great response from the lovely community. This encouraged me to experiment more and work on my styling and photography- something I love doing now.

In 2018 I won the Best Instagrammer of the Year at Living Foodz awards and the Best food feed of the year at Cosmopolitan blogger awards in 2019.


Shivesh is the best because he isn't just regular on Instagram but also is updated. He always keeps posting entertaining reels, mentioning the recipes in small or just informing people about something he recently tried, or if he posted something new on his YouTube channel - Bake with Shivesh.


He has 565K followers on Instagram and over 2000 posts. He is loved by young bakers, all over the country.

2. Chef Sanjana Patel

 Instagram username:  @chefsanjana

Chef Sanjana Patel is Creative Director and Executive Chef at La Folie. She manages the luxury segment there. She graduated from London in food management and also in chocolate technology from Germany. She has also been to Paris and mastered pastry and chocolate art. She was ranked 1st in India Pastry Queen in 2015 and ranked 4th in World Pastry Queen 2016. Indeed a Queen!

Her Instagram account is surely a hub of tasty desserts. She also posts her "behind-the-scenes" shots at a popular patisserie - La Folie, in Mumbai. Her desert-inspired savouries are quite famous. Although she is an expertise in our favourite food item - that is, chocolate, which is her signature style!

Recently she has been taking online classes amid a pandemic for her fans and students! In her posts, we can find her always being inspiring and experimenting with different colours and flavours. She says she is doing something she loves the most. Kudos to her! She also keeps updating about her recipe links and information regarding similar stuff.

She has over 750 posts on her account and about 54.5K followers as of now. You should be one of them if you too love desserts and chocolates!

3. Pooja Dhingra

Instagram username: @poojadhingra


Pooja Dhingra is an Indian pastry chef and businesswoman. She is also referred to as the Indian Macaron Queen, as she is the first to open India's first macaron store. She is also the owner of the bakery chain Le15 Patisserie, which specialises in macarons and French desserts.

Her cooking style is French. Her all-time favourite is the molten chocolate cake. She says she can do bake it easily in less time. She learnt the art of baking from her aunt. She was trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. She returned from there to India and soon opened her first Macaron store. She just started from a staff of two people and increasing since then.


She has over 4621 posts on her Instagram account and 7.4 million followers! She shares her day to day activities and stuff on her social media accounts, making it one of the reasons to follow her immediately.

4. Deeba Rajpal

Instagram username: @passionateaboutbaking


Deeba Rajpal is a food blogger, food stylist and content creator. She has the most intriguing journey about where she is standing now. To our surprise, she was an economist before being a wonderful food blogger. She says - "Deeba Rajpal

I discovered food blogs over a decade ago. They had me absolutely smitten. To think someone in some corner of the world could create food, shoot it beautifully, and share it with the world was inspiring. So, I too started a food blog, my little journey into this world of food, food styling, and food photography. That was 2007. Time flew by, my images on the blog, Twitter and Pinterest were noticed and appreciated. I found the motivation that I was hitting the right chord somewhere, then eventually began investing all my energy in this direction. I would style and shoot in all my free time after groceries, laundry, kids, and school run."


Her Instagram feed is so vibrant, colourful and mouth-watering, she just proves how she sprinted to being among top food bloggers. That sure makes an addition to the followers' list, from my side. She has 2391 posts and 180K followers to date.

5. Radhika Malhotra Arora

 Instagram username: @sugarnspicebyradhika

Radhika is a famous baker and food blogger, from Delhi. She also has a YouTube channel - Sugar n spice by Radhika.

In her introduction, she says ''Ever since I started blogging, I have developed a very strong love for food photography. I love taking pictures of the food because it doesn’t move and just sits there looking pretty! If I have to choose one shot that I am proud of."

Radhika has over 930 posts and  20.6K followers. She also posts reels about her recent recipes and cooking. Her posts are vibrant with sweet captions. Surely, worth following.

6. Heena Punwani

Instagram username: @tiffintales

Heena was an engineer when she finally decided that she wanted to follow her passion and became a pastry chef. She trained at the prestigious French School for Culinary Arts, Ferrandi in Paris and mastered her skills at French pâtisserie Carette. She served her delicious treats as the Pastry Chef at Ellipsis, in Mumbai.


Today, she is the Pastry Chef for The Bombay Canteen and O Pedro!


Heena has over 1927 posts and 42.2K followers. Her feed is filled with beautiful and mouth watering desserts! Obviously, an addition to following list.

7. Shaheen Peerbhai

 Instagram username: @purplefoodie


Shaheen is a chef. Both pastry and cuisine, with an affinity for the sweet stuff. She is classically trained at Le Cordon Bleu Paris and Alain Ducasse Education in Argenteuil, France enabled by four prestigious scholarships from The Culinary Trust, USA (2011, 2013) and The James Beard Foundation, USA (2011, 2015) that turned her cooking school dreams into a reality. She worked at restaurants in Mumbai, London and Paris.


Shaheen is also a teacher. She takes baking masterclasses all over India and in London.

She was also the consulting food editor for BBC, Good Food Magazine, India.

Shaheen has 2173 posts and 13.3K followers on her Instagram handle.

She is owner of @mielbakery


8. Chef Aditi Garware

 Instagram username: @sweetboutiquebyaditi


Aditi Garware has combined her childhood creative interest in art and love for food to be a baker today. She is a lawyer who gave up profession to become who is she now.


 Aditi Garware is not only a home-based baker but also owner of designer boutique that personalizes cakes, cupcakes, edible sculpted sugar art, cookies, chocolates, and more. She thinks that technique and knowledge is very important for baking. A baker must do his/her research well. She spoke to her mentors and worked with a lot of international chefs.

She also got an opportunity to work with Robert Haynes, who is a god of sugar flowers.


She defines her Sweet Boutique as a master of wedding cakes, birthday cakes, rotating cakes, anti-gravity cakes, and LED lights inside cakes. They can customize everything, say font, flavour, filling inside the cake, and design. What else does one need?

She is one of India's top 10 cake masters, and the number one in Pune. She also teaches baking, and cake decorating.

She has over 1000 posts on Instagram and 45.1K followers.

9. Aashritha Daggubati

Instagram username: @infinityplatter


Aashritha calls herself an amateur chef, and she loves food blogging and travelling. She recently started her own YouTube channel by the same name. She makes delicious exotic French pastries. She loves dosa! She is starting a one-year culinary program.

She has about 800 posts and 136K followers already. She is in Spain, right now. In her post caption, she introduced herself in a very fun way. Her posts are marvellous and you sure will want to see her in your feed!

10. Devika Manjrekar

 Instagram username: @devikambing


Devika Manjrekar is an amazing Chef and owner of Toast Cafe Mumbai, and the toast doughnut shop.

She likes to cook European food. Her Instagram has updates about her shop and her cooking.

She has 2645 posts and 14.9K followers. One who is interested in baking should follow her.

11. Jeyadra Vijay Selvan

Instagram username: @jeyadra_vijayselvan


Homebaker Jeyadra Vijay Selvan, from Bangalore, Karnataka is a self-taught cake artist. She learnt to make cakes and cookies in a professional manner by watching YouTube videos and referring to cookbooks.


A computer engineer, she worked with an IT company for about six years before she got into baking on a full-term basis. What she started as a passion has turned out to be her career.


Jeyadra is also a photographer, a food stylist and conducts workshops. It has been two years since she took her passion to a whole new level.

She has 493 posts and 67.8K followers. She gives helpful tips and tricks in her reels, making it entertaining.

12. Chef Ruhee Bhimani

Instagram username: @chefruheebhimani

Chef Ruhee is an expert pastry chef and recipe developer. Egg-free baking is her speciality in cakes and desserts.


With a wide array of international experiences and traditional techniques, Ruhee knew that she wanted to share her passion. With this resolution, she started her own academy Cocoa Cottage, in Mumbai.


For 3 years she has been successfully running Cocoa Cottage Academy in Mumbai and has helped more than 5000 students and home bakers by being a true mentor and providing them lifelong inspiration and support. She offers more than 65 unique courses and believes in taking only hands-on workshops for gaining maximum benefits for the students.

She has combined her knowledge and expertise of nutrition in baking beautifully, by incorporating proteins, vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients and used very few carbs and sugar as part of the ingredients. She has worked with world class brand Optimum Nutrition and develop new line of Desserts and snacks which are not only delicious but extremely nutritious! Dessert which is healthy? Of course yes!


She has 1078 Instagram posts and 27.1k followers!

13. Chef Tejasvi Chandela

Instagram username: @cheftejasvichandela



Born in Jaipur, Ms. Tejasvi Chandela, a qualified Chef from Le Cordon Blue, Paris and Leith School of Food and Wines, London has recently won the prestigious 'World Travel Brand Academy Award'. Ms. Chandela is running her own Patisserie and Café by the name of Dzurt at Civil Lines in Jaipur. She is a pastry chef and chocolate maker.

The Award was given to Ms. Chandela recently in Delhi by the food lover and food critic, Vinod Dua – for being the Best Upcoming Authentic French Patisserie and Café in Rajasthan.

Her feed is filled with colourful, delicious and brilliant desserts. She has 1139 posts and 24K followers.

So these were some amazing Chef and bakers you could follow right now and have fun baking! Get inspired, get cooking! Happy baking!