Wanna take your Bakery skills to the next level? - Join LAVONNE ACADEMY!!

Mansi Thumar

Sept. 21, 2021

Wanna take your Bakery skills to the next level? - Join LAVONNE ACADEMY!!


Take your Bakery skills to the next level - Join LAVONNE ACADEMY!! 


So today I am going to take you all to an institute or an academy where you can make your dream of becoming a chef come true… 

So what are we waiting for!! Let's read in more 

LAVONNE ACADEMY OF BAKING SCIENCE AND PASTRY ARTS is situated in the heart of Bengaluru, Karnataka. Lavonne Academy is the hub for all the varieties and kinds of pastry learning and is equipped with the best amenities for the students around the vibrant part of the city.


Lavonne Academy of Baking Science and Pastry Arts has been rated 4.4 by Justdial and 4.5 out of 5 by Facebook. 


Their Vision and Philosophy is that they introduce and disseminate world-class pastry education, to bring patisserie (where pastry and cakes are sold) as one of the mainstream careers in the country. 


Their mission statement suggests that they want to create world-class ambassadors in the field of bakery and pastries i.e (patisserie and boulangerie), who are going to constantly strive for excellence, upgrade and research, while at the same time caring about the resources, environment and society. 


The main aim of the academy is to introduce to their diploma students that they can be first-hand bakery entrepreneurs. The motto is to educate and generate employment, they also strive to give a vestibule training lab to create and imply the bakery entrepreneur skills in it.


After getting the basics of the Lavonne academy, let's see how many courses are available and the details in it. 



Various courses are being offered by the academy and that is the one which makes your bakery career go to another level. Below is the list of all the courses 

  • Diplôme de Pâtisserie 
  • Six Week Certificate 
  • Short term classes 
  • Sugar Art 

Now we are going to read in detail about the courses which are mentioned above 

1. Diplôme de Pâtisserie

Generally, the diploma course in patisserie means that the course would be conducted as a diploma in baking and especially pastry making and other baking recipes. Lavonne Academy has been affiliated with the City & Guilds, London. It is a 960 hours course, where the combination of practical and theoretical learning is equipped with the students to gain the knowledge and experience which is quite important to take in this vast and competitive industry. 

The focus is on theory as it is quite important to know the basics and after every module, the test is taken to get the results and know what we have learned and understood so far. The assignments, projects, case studies and some interesting methods are being used to get practical knowledge. 

In the academy, there is a cafe called students Lavonne cafe which is run by diploma students, where the basic aim is to get the practical learning apart from what is theoretical being learned so that the implementation can be done on hand. 


Talking about the placements and internships of Lavonne Academy, the students would be able to take the roles of 5-star pastry kitchens and can get the experience of learning practical skills from them. They would be assisted with the placements and internship after completion of the program.


As told earlier that the academy is affiliated with the City & Guilds, London, so the students will be provided with two certificates, one from Lavonne Academy and the other from the City & Guilds, London which would help you to build a strong portfolio of yours as it is a world-recognized institution.


The faculty of Lavonne academy consists of various professional educators who have proved themselves in this FOOD AND BEVERAGE (F&B) industry and have studied at some of the world's premiere pastry and boulangerie academies.



The diploma course majorly focuses on making incredible products as it is based on making the students a bakery entrepreneur and so to get the skills accordingly it has been framed. To become and get the essential role in the bakery industry you require the appropriate skills to undertake, and hence here the ailment has also started their own business with the great experience and confidence from the teachers and mentors at Lavonne. 

The topics covered in these 5 months would include hygiene and safety, how to get the ingredients and baking science known, the theory of such, and all such will give the students experience of how to run a cafe and put on special events and exhibitions relating to baking.

To give students a well-rounded education, the modules and course involve campus trips and tournaments for the students to get engaged with all their colleagues and get to know each other and to the specialists in the baking and pastry industry.



(Core module) 


1. Menu Planning

Diploma students will be going through the process of how to build a menu and for that how appropriate planning is to be made or taught. As we all know that planning is both science and art, so from the proper training and its implementation and also to know that how you can identify your customer demands, what they want to finalize the niche, seasonal produce and conduct recipe trails before putting together a final menu, after that to see that how to create a workable menu and then to finalize which would satisfy our clients.

2. Hygiene & Food Safety

The key concept which needs to be given a proper look at is the habits behind the safety and healthy food preparation, both for the chefs and the customers.

3. Budgeting & Costing

One of the key parts in any of the couches would be the budgeting and costing one. Here the students would be introduced to the basic concept and principles of kitchen maintenance, budgeting and food costing. Here they teach them to develop their business plan and how one's idea can be put into implementation and can sustain a longer period
4. Recipe & Store Management

This module involves how students will learn about the crafting of the recipes and conducting the trials of them and finally reaching a decision about the menu planning.

5. Entrepreneurship & Feasibility

At the academy, they try to focus more on how effectively they can provide training to the students to take the baking and patisserie industry head-on, by their practical and theoretical mixture, and get to know how they can work in a luxury pastry kitchen and to even get their ventures started.

6. International & Artisan Bread

Here they are trying to say that apart from the basics of bread students will learn different yeasts, their reaction with the environment and liquids and how they grow in the formation of bread. 

  • Enriched Breads & Viennoiseries

The module deals with the skills and techniques which are required for the presentation and preparation of the particular things involved in the syllabus relating to bread and yeast.

7. Tea Cakes, Sponges and Cookies

One of the most fun and enjoyable modules is the one that covers various kinds of tea cakes, sponges, and little cookies and basic things which need to be understood.

8. Pies & Tarts

The basics from this module would be the learning of classic and modern trendy sweets and savoury tarts (free-standing with a firm pastry base) and pies. 

9. Cakes & Icings

This is one of the essential modules in which students will learn about different types of sponges and the role which each ingredient plays in baking. The icing and how unique you can make them and all other stuff is also being taught.

10. Custards, Creams & Sauces

The students will learn about different types of creams in this schedule like Bavarian cream, chiboust cream and creme chantilly.

11. Classical French Desserts & Pastries

The diploma students here will get engaged in learning the fundamentals of taste, flavour, and other factors which will let them know about the senses.

12. Entremets & Petit Gateaux

The art of creating the dreamy sculpted and glazed entremets with the unique way and how to get implement it in a better manner.

13. Petit Four & Confectionery

 The small-sized confectionery appetizer is the one that is a masterpiece presenting a platform for acquiring French rules and norms.

14. Macaron & Meringues

The light and air french Italian confections are taught in this particular module.

15. Bonbons, Chocolatés & Pralines

In this specific module, the creativity and art have been seen and can be showcased as here that skills are underlined because here students will learn more about the visually stimulating and decorating stuff.

16. Frozen Desserts & Ice-creams

The most mouth-watering dish of dessert is prepared as this dessert is not restricted by any season or by flavour or texture. Their major focuses on teaching students to churn up different ice creams and sorbets.

17. Restaurant Style Plated Desserts

The trend which relies on the beauty of the picture can be done by your creativity and here how elegantly you specify and style your dish is a vital role.

18. Chocolate Display

As for creativity, the students are taught to use chocolate differently, their temperature, medium to set and essential requirements to have a look on.

19. Wedding Cake & Fondant Design

Wedding cake designs, 3D modelling, wafer paper flowers, drip effect, etc are the ones that are very prominent and quite necessary to know when you are in the bakery industry. So from cake making to the layering procedures and to style them, it has to be done properly.

20. Buffet Planning & Set-up

The students here are aware of the planning of the buffet as it has essential skills that must be learnt about. From the first point of deciding the perfect menu to the one where we need to think of which menu to suit the particular occasion, organising that everything is on right track, also vying that the work in luxury party kitchens is sure to benefit from this module.

21. Student Bake Sale

Every batch here would be having an idea that will start from idea generation, plan preparation and then promote a charity cake sale which would be open to the general public. From selecting the theme to the last end of the point, it has been evaluated and its contribution has been seen.

22. Practice School

The training provided is vestibular which will reflect the creativity and the skills of bakery entrepreneurs and they practice rather than just teaching. Here the students play the role of production and service under the guidance of a supervising chef.


They work hard to create a very friendly and professional education environment, they just don't focus on the best facilities, but with the best mentors and coordinators who will guide the students in a very professional manner.

Now, what's the Fee structure? 

For the betterment of the students, fees have been divided into two parts as a booking amount which will help them to secure our seats and prepare the materials for our course. And the left out amount is to be paid before the date of commencement.  The fees include almost all course-related costs, including admission processing, tuition, ingredient costs, student kit, and a field trip. Food, accommodation & travel are not included. 


(for Indian Students)

Dates & Schedule

The course is of almost 6 months in total and if you come from outside Bangalore, the following dates need to be considered so that you can fix your schedule and plan so that you can act accordingly. After every process of enrollment is done, then the coordinator will help us to guide the further process and will keep students updated about the further process.

Date                         Event

Early January 2020       Initiation

Mid-January 2020        Classes commence

Mid-June 2020             Student Bake Sale

Late June 2020            Graduation


For application requests, click here 

Here the Batch of June 2022 is currently full, but they will start the applications for January 2023 shortly.

Email address :

[email protected]

2. Six Week Certificate


The course of intensive   6 weeks of baking and patisserie has benefits for those who are looking forward to pursuing a professional course in pastry arts.Lavonne's six-week certificate focuses on students acquiring a wide spectrum of pastry concepts and practical knowledge in the short span of just a few weeks. This course touches upon various subjects in these six weeks which have been taken from the 6-month diploma patisserie course, but it has been modified in a quick period which will result in the various intense courses packed full of the baking and pastry industry. 

Core Module 


  • Basic and European Bread
  • Viennoiseries
  • Pies & Tarts
  • Chocolaterie
  • Classic French Desserts
  • Baked and Cold-Set Desserts
  • Tea Cakes and Cookies
  • Cakes & Icings
  • Wedding cake & Fondant work

Fee Structure


For the betterment of the students, fees have been divided into two parts as a booking amount which will help them to secure our seats and prepare the materials for our course. And the left out amount is to be paid before the date of commencement. The fees include the tuition, administration and the trip and tournament as well as ingredients cost and a special student kit.


(for Indian Students)


Dates & Schedule

This course takes 2 months in total, if you come from outside Bangalore, the following dates need to be considered so that you can fix your schedule and plan so that you can act accordingly.  After every process of enrollment is done, then the coordinator will help us to guide the further process and will keep students updated about the further process.

Dates                                   Event

Early August 2019                Class Commencement

Late September 2019.          Graduation




 Get the schedule, fees, and process to sign up for the next available batch of them acclaimed in the six weeks course. If you are 18+, and have completed 12th grade and are willing to join the six-week program in an upcoming batch, kindly fill in your contact details so that they can send you their official application form. A batch of January 2022 is currently full; they are accepting applications for march 2022


Request for application 

3. Online Class Calendar

Here are certified online pastry lessons by their top instructors, Lavonne live brings the most sought after baking and pastry classes online with a series of live video sessions, taught by their top instructors.

Learn the recipes and theory involved in their favourite courses which include desserts, while all your questions and doubts will be solved and will be answered by the expertise, we will be having the live or video sessions and text would also be seen in the session. A digital certificate for attending the session would be provided so that you can refer that to your further academic purpose and will lead your future to a greater extent. Get the award of Lavonne academy by winning the voice of pastry and baking. 


4. Sugar Art


The art is the thing which would be reflected over here in this course and you will be getting into cake decorations and high art. Sugar art is the practice of creating confectionery sculptures that are both decorative and edible which will help people to get to know about it. . As now the world focuses on taste more and the appearance of the cake is also important. The course of sugar art has also been seen in an inclined stage.



At Lavonne, they strive to provide world-class education in India as a form of bakery and pastry institute.  They have partnered with the pastry masters to get the things done and students over there would get the world-class experience and expertise at Lavonne as an exclusive and in-depth hands-on and demo class. New opportunities would break down to the ground as they are giving you the chance to shine and properly get your stage usage.



 Right here in India -  International masters


 They feel renowned and blessed as they are one of the biggest names in the pastry industry and they continue to be preferred as one in this industry all over India. The partners like Antonio Bachour, Frank Haasnoot and Nina Tarasova have been working with Lavonne to bring the style and trend as well as techniques that are exploding in the pastry industry.


They have received various awards and appreciation as like

  • Times food Award
  • India Education Award 
  • Restaurant India Award 
  • Forbes 30 under 30 Asia 
  • Forbes All-Star Alumni 
  • CNN India 20 under 40
  • World Skills. 
  • Doctorate In Wine Study


To know about their facilities in the kitchen and working area, get in here


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